I think i need to move

Let me preface this first by saying i absolutely believe in the paranormal and have had ongoing experiences since I was a young child, and so did my parents due to shit that they did when they were younger but those experiences can be discussed later. Its been years since anything has happened to me, i had spent a few years with a long term girlfriend and then we shared a home with roommates for a while but now I’ve been living alone for a bit.

When I moved into my place a very upper class luxury apartment complex in a nice area that’s newer and well taken care of, I say this because this needs to be mentioned before I go on with my experiences that are becoming more frequent.

It started a few weeks after moving in, a tapping in my wall in my bedroom, at first i brushed it off as AC vents or water pipes, but i had no neighbor as the residence next to mine was empty so it Absolute was not a neighbor. I started to notice a pattern. The noice only happens at night and when im in bed. I began to think it was in my head until my 2 cats started acting strange. One will literally sit next to my walk in closet door all day/night meowing/trying to get in it. I thought cats are strange they just want to explore etc. Then one day while putting up my laundry i grabbed a hanger which caused my other hangers to ricochet off the wall. They bounced and slowly rocked against the wall causing the tapping I’ve been hearing.

A week or so later I’m in bed and the noise starts up. I get annoyed and swing open the door, nothing. No hangers moving but the noise stopped. I lay back down, a few moments pass and it starts again this time the cat is near the door and looking at it, it hears the same noise I do. Its coming from the closet.

I began sleeping on my couch after this. I absolutely will not sleep in my unless my girl comes over.

Fast forward a few months now, I have a puppy. Shes well behaved and only barks when loud neighbors are in the hallway etc. She begun looking over the dog fence that I set up to stop her from going in the room. She just sits and stares. Occasionally shell wake me up barking at nothing or growling. I can’t keep writing this off as neighbors.

Im beginning to see movement and shadows in my apartment. Its becoming more frequent as I near the end of my lease in 2 months… i think its time to move again.

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Maybe a sign maybe not

Is someone in the house?