I threatened a spirit!

First off I’ve always been more on the brave side when it comes to paranormal stuff and I’ve been told that I’m very intimidating guy.

I’ve been seeing my girlfriend for going on four years now and she told me early on that she was very sensitive to spirits. I always thought she was full of crap until we moved into a new place. It started a few weeks after we moved in and I woke up to her talking in her sleep to the man sitting on the dresser. It wasn’t unusual for her to talk in her sleep so I blew it off and went back to sleep but she kept on night after night talking to the same guy sitting on the dresser. After a couple weeks of this and with the other small weird things happening around the house it started getting on my nerves. I was by myself one day and I said look I’m not sure if anyone is here or not but I need to sleep could you please leave us alone then I fell asleep on the couch, after being asleep for about an hour I woke up when the closet door banged against the wall, I was still alone so I thought to myself I either pissed it off or it was saying ok. A few uneventful days went by when all the sudden I woke up to hear her whispering to someone in her sleep, like I said im not afraid of much but this freaked me out. Next day when I got home and she was still at work, I walked in and yelled I don’t know who you are or what you want but I swear when I die I will come and find you and we’ll handle this man to man. About a year laterThe landlord decided to sale the house so we had to move but we never heard from the man on the dresser again.

Was this a bad idea? I just don’t appreciate anything messing with me or my family. I was told by someone that claimed to be psychic that the reason I’m intimidating to spirits is because of the dark entity that’s attached to my family, I don’t believe in that but my brother was drinking with his native American friend and his family and was told the pretty much the same thing by I guess what would be considered a medicine man

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