Im looking for advice on house spirits/goblins/imps

Im not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, forgive me if theres a more appropriate subreddit i could have posted in. But..

Hear me out. Im not crazy. I believe my house is the home of some kind of mischevious house spirit like goblin or a hob. The experiences that lead me to believe this are fairly straight forward and imo are almost halmark traits of such creatures; i have a lot things go missing, then when im sufficiently riled up about it, the thing will reappear. My telly likes to stop working randomly. Ive checked every wire and connection i have but nothing seems to fix it. Theres no rhyme or reason as to when it stops working, the only thing that seems to make it go off is me sitting down to actually watch it. I can also occasionally hear them in the kitchen (which im assuming at the moment is where they live) moving pots and pans and going through the bins, and last night im sure i heard them conversing; they sound exactly how youd expect them to sound. I dont believe i have a ghost as such, ive experienced ghosts and poltergiests before and they had much different feel to them (however if you believe some sources, certain types of house spirits/wights are the former deceased head of the household).

I dont feel threatened, in fact the place has a warm friendly feel, but i do feel like i could have a more strengthened and beneficial relationship with these entities. I was wondering if anyone had any further reading on such creatures, specifically pinning down what type of creature i have as i know how you deal with them depends on what they are. Most house wights of scandavian folklore accept small offerings while the Hob of northern england sees any offering as almost an affront and will leave. If it helps i am in Northern England.

Like i said, i dont want rid of them or to force them out. After all, they were here before me, i just want to know if theres anyway i can keep them happy, maybe have them leave my telly and cooking utensils alone and if they could stop hiding my lighter every time i want a cigarette ill be eternly grateful.

Thanks in advance.

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