Is someone in the house?

I’m hoping this is the right place for this and I’m sorry if it doesn’t sound all that scary but at the time it scared the living crap out of me.

I want to say this happened back in my sophomore or junior year of high school. My mom is a single parent so it was just her and I that lived by ourselves.
Conveniently, two of my aunts lived only a few houses down from us.
My cousins and I would gather at my Aunt Theresa’s house to have a game night a few nights a week. This was during summer time so sometimes we would be playing until 2-3am.
This particular night we were in the midst of playing a board game and we took a short break to use the restroom and grab snacks.
Somehow we got on the topic of seances and summoning spirits as we were sitting around her round dining room table. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but just something generic such as “if there’s anyone here make yourself known”, nothing happened and we went about our game.
I’ve always had interest in the paranormal world so this didn’t freak me out at all (especially because nothing happened); my father passed away when I was very young so I spent a lot of my childhood attempting to contact him.

Anyhow, our night came to an end and we parted ways. I walked the whole two minutes home and quietly entered the house since my Mom was sleeping.
I slowly close the front door behind me and locked it. I decided I wanted to take a shower so I walked into my moms bathroom which required me going through her bedroom and grabbed a towel to return to the other side of the house.
(Quick Detail just to give you an idea of the layout of our home; when you walk through the front door you’re immediately in the living room, to the right there’s a hallway that will bring you to the computer room, my room and then the bathroom at the very end of the hallway. To the left of the living room is the kitchen, the laundry room and then my moms room and her bathroom inside of there.)
Exiting my moms room and passing the front door to get to my bathroom, I notice the front door is cracked open… this struck me as odd since I was certain I closed and locked the door but I didn’t think too hard about it so I shut and locked it (again) and went on my way.
I take my shower and I left my bathroom door open (like I said, it was just my mom and I that lived together so I wasn’t always super private and worried about shutting the bathroom door, plus she was sleeping); as I open the shower curtains I can see THE FRONT DOOR IS OPEN AGAIN. This time I completely lose it because 1. My mom is sleeping and I know it wasn’t her 2. I know for a FACT that I definitely shut and locked the door 3. No one else has a key to our home so it’s just impossible that it’s anyone we would know.

I immediately shut and lock the bathroom door as I call my cousin frantically telling him that there must be someone in our house. He said he would be right over to check out the house. The door was in fact open when he arrived but it’s not like there was a forced entry or anything. My mom wakes up when he gets there and they both are alarmed by me freaking out; there was no one in the house so he and my mom both told me that it was probably “just the wind”.
No way. Of course I didn’t sleep at all this night.

I’ve had numerous unexplainable experiences, but this one almost made me sh*t my pants.

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