Is this a demon or some bad spirit?

I had bought a giraffe stuffed animal from F.A.O and it has been in my other room for a while. Ever since then the room would feel rather not inviting like that type of feeling when something is waiting for you menacingly. So I moved rooms and put the giraffe in my blue room with storage. After one day the light blue walled room started emitting a menacingly scary vibe. So I moved rooms once more just to be sure only I left the giraffe in the room I was in and felt horrible vibes from it when I was about to go to bed. So I moved it in the other room and told my grandma we need to sell this giraffe. Ever since she agreed to the menacing feeling had disappeared in the other room but I’ve been seeing shit from the corner of my eyes. It ranges from a white faced looking tall person to just a black mass of nope to all black tall skinny figure. I’ve seen it more and more and when I look over I see something swoop across the hall. I’m kinda lowkey done with this house and wana just die off instead of having to deal with it.

Any ideas on what it is or what I should do?

If this helps my pet black cat always is tense near the stuffed animal and is sensitive to paranormal like me.

I have a picture of the giraffe if it helps also it’s in a link on here[giraffe ](

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