It wont stop messing with me

Hi all. I recently moved into my boyfriends house about 5 months ago. When I first moved in I would always feel a presence, like something was watching me. I still do. I was aware that something was lingering but I tried brushing it off as much as possible when it happened. I mentioned it to my boyfriend a few times, but i think it knew I was acknowledging it and thats when weird things started happening.

This is the first thing that happened to me. It happened about 3 weeks ago. My boyfriend and I were sitting in the basement talking when out of the corner of my eye I see a white light flash in the darkness of the cellar. It caught my attention so I looked and I saw an orbiting green and red light. Best I can describe it as is those toys youd get as a kid with the globe and a little figure inside, you push the button on the stick and it lights up and spins really quick. Its hard to explain. Something like this When I locked my gaze onto it, it disappeared within like 2 seconds before my eyes.

Second thing that happened was about 2 weeks ago. I was dead asleep when I felt something pinch my foot. I immediately woke up and started freaking out and had my boyfriend check the room because i thought maybe my bunny escaped out of her cage and was trying to get my attention, but she was in her cage locked up. I drifted off and shortly after woke up in a panic because something touched me again.

About 5 days ago I was in the kitchen home alone when I heard what sounded like a man exhale loudly behind me. The kitchen was silent. Even though I knew I was home alone I still looked behind me because it was so audible.

Yesterday I was out on the front porch with my boyfriend when we heard 3 knocks at the window directly behind us. And I know Im not going crazy because we both heard it. It was just him and I home. He has a dog and a cat but his dog is very old and cant jump up on the couch and theres no way his cat wouldve been able to knock on the window like that.

This is kinda starting to freak me out now and Im unsure of what to do. Any advice you guys can give me? Do you think it could possibly be feeding off my energy since I have been depressed lately? Why is this thing only messing with me?

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