Legitimate investigations and footage?

For years, from way back in the pre-Internet Dark Ages, I’ve had an absolute fascination with what I loosely refer to as “Unexplained Phenomena”. And of all types. Over the duration I’ve watched a number of articles/discussions/documentaries/etc., where typically the older documentaries and discussions have generally been a lot more credible than most of the newer ones. I have seen some more recent documentaries and discussions where some specific episodes were quite intriguing, but most were mass produced, highly dramatised “Reality TV” shows. Utter nonsense.

I’m trying to find some serious, impartial “Unexplained Phenomena” footage that has not been mass produced for any Webstream/Broadcast Networks. If there’s any footage/evidence that is entirely amateur/home-made and not a commercial production, even better. But like I said above, most of the modern day “Ghost Hunting” shows? Not interested.

I’m hoping people can reply with links or other advice, either as a comment reply, or via PM (Private Message).


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