Message from friend while in coma a few hours before she died

My best friend passed away a few weeks ago. After a crisis, she wound up in the hospital in a coma. Before she was in a coma, I was the last person to talk to her. We were talking over fb call and chat and I talked to her on the phone until she was placed in a car and drove away from her house and the wifi cut out.

She was in the hospital for three days. I thought she was going to be okay eventually, but she ended up passing away the third full day she was there. The day she passed, I woke up that morning to a message from her on fb that said “Why aren’t you answering the phone!” and it included a voicemail that was her voice, and I could hear her very muffled and low crying. I thought she was awake. I called and got no answer. She died three hours after I received that message. And she never woke up from her coma. Is the reasonable explanation that her phone finally had enough wifi signal to send messages she tried to send three days before? When she was still conscious? But I just don’t know. It just haunts me a lot.

Side Note: her phone was only working with wifi, she did not have service in the rural area she was in.

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