Monster Energy EXPOSED as a tool for the Devil or is it?

while going through my daily ritual of checking my Facebook and TSU accounts for things I missed while sleeping, I saw a post from Tim Weisberg, host of Spooky Southcoast and co-founder of legend trips Facebook feed. It was a video of a very sincere woman explaining how Monster Energy drinks maybe a tool of Satan. While I find her argument quite compelling and her belief that Satan is behind Monster Energy’s label and marketing is very believable, I’m still not buying it, but what do I know?



Maybe Satan’s minions infiltrated one of the world’s largest beverage companies to help sell Satan’s message and gave Ken Block unimaginable driving skills. I mean, really have you seen any of the Gymkhana videos – no mere mortal drives like that without the help of a higher power or in this case lower power.

Is this just the work of a bored graphic designer, a case of hidden message purposely placed in the labeling to drum up talk about the company, or just a logo that means nothing at all? It just sounds good, like when the name for the famous rock band Kiss was thought to stand for Knights in Satan’s service(KISS)?

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