Moving into this house…

A friend and I are going to be moving into a house that another friend of mine recently committed suicide in. We weren’t close but were next door neighbors for over 2 years. I found out tonight that he hung himself in the apartment ill be staying in. (The house is top and bottom, 2 separate apartments) He was a friendly, talented and troubled soul. He lived in this place for over 10 years, and part of me feels insensitive for moving in, only because I feel this residual energy that is very strong. They are working on the house, but we were able to walk through the other day, which in hindsight felt a little early. There were still many personal belongings in the home left behind. I felt very overwhelmed with grief and a feeling of “this isn’t my home” and a sense of guilt for moving in. There is much residual energy and sadness and I am very sensitive to it. I didn’t think it would be an issue, but now I feel like I’m being intrusive. He chose to leave, so I shouldn’t feel this way? Am I just being sensitive to the information I’ve been given? I’ve never been one to get spooked and I’m not really scared of spirits, I guess I just need advice on how to reclaim this space respectfully. Any thoughts?

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