Music in My Mind

I had a very close friend who was more like a soul mate, who had a bad heart. He wasn’t religious but very spiritual. We had very interesting talks of many things, and he promised to communicate with me after his death. One thing we argued about was the band Fleetwood Mac. He loved them. I loved them pre-Stevie Nicks, but not a fan of her voice, so I didn’t care for the majority of their stuff while he was their biggest fan. One day, right at the busiest time of my day, lots of activity and people around, I spontaneously started singing this song, it had a life of its own-I sang it all the way through, people looking at me oddly, feeling kind of puzzled myself. I remember the time was right around 3:30 pm because of the things I was doing-they had a deadline of 3:30. That evening, I received notification that he had suddenly passed at only 46 from a major coronary. I asked what time-nobody knew. I started wracking my brain-what the hell was that song I had sung earlier? I couldn’t think of it, hard as I tried. I traveled to the funeral, and in a room full of people I had never met, I looked down at my friend and the entire song “Sentimental Lady” came out of my mouth unbidden, and I realized, THAT was the song, of course a Fleetwood Mac song “you are here and warm, but I could look away and you’d be gone”. It was his way of saying goodbye. When I received the death certificate (he listed me as next of kin), it said he had passed at around 7 pm. I guarantee you, even if his body was still hooked up to artificial means, -and there were many signs that they had taken a lot of measures to resuscitate him-he definitely passed around 3:30 pm.

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