My Experience at a haunted High School

So I went to a private catholic highschool in Oklahoma. The school itself was built before the state was a state. It’s over 110 years old and it used to be a covenant. So the text book set up for haunting stories.

So before I went there I had heard stories of the school being haunted, mainly the 4th floor. They always had these legend about things that happened there. They always talked about the pictures on the 4th floor never being straight. And if you fixed it, the picture would get messed up again. And if you took a ball up there it would be pushed around.

So my first day part of the orientation was taking a tour of the school and seeing the “haunted” bits. There were two places that they talked about. The 4th floor and the morgue in the basement. You can understand the morgue cause you know. Dead people. So first day went by and nothing special happened.

Three years later while I was during a film class we went up to shoot a video up there after school and late into the night. We were all joking that we were gonna get video of something.

About half way through shooting me and one of the actresses were talking and we felt what felt like someone blowing on our ears. We spun around and there was no one there. We chalked it up to the wind. So we keep shooting and we are moving setups and see a painting tilted so we fix it and after the next shot one of the other students points out that the picture we just fixed was tilted again. So we fixed it again and in the middle of the next take one of the actors screamed saying they just watched the picture tilt by itself. Then we all heard footsteps come up the big staircase and then hear it go down the hall into a room. One of the student snaps a quick picture (which I will post in the comments) and we all swear that you can see what looks like the outline of a nun in a pitch black room.

If y’all want to fact check the age of the school it is Mount Saint Mary’s Catholic Highschool in Oklahoma City, OK. Built in 1903.

[The Photo Taken. (The original, zoomed in version, and rough outline)](

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