My experience with near possession

Let’s preface a bit. For a majority of my life there has been a wind up clown doll at my grandparents house that was a gift to my older sister from my great grandmother just before she passed away. The room it “normally” sat in was the one she died in of course.
Now it’d been a while since my great grandmother had passed before anything really started happening and the first things we realized it moving rooms randomly and it playing it’s song on it’s own. (It’s a Small World After All) we were chalking in up to GG just trying to keep in contact with us until things got a little more aggressive. Other toys would go off even after batteries were removed (most memorable being a Buzz Lightyear figure claiming he would self destruct in 5 seconds after walking in front of the room he was in the basement. The basement will also become important.)
My best friend has been able to channel energy and use “magic” for a little while at this point and he starts to suggest it’s maybe not GG just staying in touch. He offers to seal the clown doll in a box in the basement to make sure whatever inhabiting it can’t do any real harm.
This works. We experience about 6 months of quiet until my twin sister and I have our birthday out there and one of her friends decides to take the clown out of the box.
My best friend and I head into the basement and immediately feel the heaviness and see it sitting on the bar. I march over to grab it and as I reach forward my vision narrows to almost nothing and according to my friend I growled at the doll. The next thing I can recall is my friend putting it into the box, sealing it properly and being quite pissed at my sister’s friend. Bobo the clown has been in the box for about 6 years now and nothing new has surfaced. I have since learned myself how to seal the box should anything happen and am always conscious of it every time I’m in my grandparents basement.

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