My grandmother saw a ghost at 3AM

First of all, my first language isn’t English. So little backstory. My uncle’s father had died for a heart attack. So my uncle is my grandmother’s son. So let’s start, I went to my grandmother’s house one time and we had converstation about ghosts and all that paranormal stuff. Then, my grandmother told me that he saw the ghost of (my uncle’s father) at 3AM. My grandmother told me that she woke up strangely and then she had a feeling that hes there. Then she heard a voice saying: “Is (my uncle) okay? and then my grandmother answered: “Yes.” and then she saw a shadow exiting the room and my grandmother was glad about it. The weird thing is that my grandmother kept talking about the dead guy being worried about he’s son and that is he OK. I don’t know what does this mean but here it is.

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