My grandmother took a picture of her mother’s ghost. Story and pic in comments

Okay, so growing up I lived with my grandparents. My grandma always had stories she would tell me growing up about her seeing ghosts or angels or psychic dreams. They were entertaining to listen to, but I didn’t really believe in ghosts UNTIL I saw the picture.

So while in high school, my grandma’s dying brother came to live with us. I guess his wife was trying to quicken his death so she could get money or something, I don’t know. Anyways, my grandma was basically just taking care of him until he died of cancer. We had a hospital bed in the living room pushed up against a wall where he slept. My grandma had one of those video baby monitors on him at night so if he needed anything she could hear and see him.
She was woken up one night to hearing her brother talking to himself. She glanced over at the baby monitor to see who he was talking to and saw a see-through women in a white gown standing between the bed and the wall (there was no gap between the bed and the wall). The women looked like my grandma’s mom she said. She went into the livingroom and the women was gone. She asked her brother who he was talking to and he said “I was talking to mom.”
So obviously in the morning when she’s telling me this story and I’m just like “oooooo sooo spooky nanny.” Then she says she took a picture on her phone of the baby monitor! She hands me her phone and, seriously guys, this lady in a white gown, who’s semi see-through is standing in between the wall and the bed. I thought it was gone forever. Until last weekend.

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