My great grandparent talked to me even though he died before I was even born.

When I was a child, I always had a deep fear of sleeping alone. It was even abnormal. I couldn’t sleep or keep my eyes shut for 2 minutes if I was not sleeping with someone. I was always tired because my parents tried really hard to get me to sleep alone but with zero success.
So, without being able to sleep, I gained a very bad habit: I would walk around my house doing absolutely nothing but walking. Don’t ask me why but it was just something that I used to do. That’s when strange and weird things started happening. One night when I was walking around my house, I saw a man. The thing is that he was inside my house! So it was quite weird to see a random man inside my house without being my parents or my sister. The weirdest is that something inside me was telling me not to be scared of him. And I wasn’t. Suddenly he looks at me and gives me a little smile. Then he just starts talking. Asking about how I was, if I was being good in school… questions along those subjects. I answered every question he made me. When our conversation was over, he smiles again and just disappears. Just like that.
Next day, I was at my grandma’s house and I decided to touch the subject and told my grandma and grandpa about what happened. At first they were really scared because they thought he was a thief or something but when I started telling them everything they were shocked. I describe the clothes he was wearing, the way he talked, everything. My grandma started crying and looking at my grandpa with her eyes wide open. My grandpa went to get a photo that he had saved in a box and there he was. The man I saw. The man that actually is my great grandfather that died before I was even born. I was beyond shocked.
Other night. I was walking again around my house and I suddenly saw a women. Blonde, red lipstick. But unlike my great grandfather she never talked to me. Besides that, she gave me a very very strange feeling. She looked at me for a while and I was astonished looking at her too. She never said anything and suddenly puff! She just disappears. Next day, I told my grandpa and grandma again but they had no idea who this women was.
Other night. This time I didn’t saw someone or anything. My living room is in the third floor of the house. I was walking around the second floor and suddenly I heard a baby crying. The sound was coming from my living room so I looked up because I thought maybe the TV was on or something. Nothing. Everything was dark. No TV on, no lights on. Nothing. Just the sound of a baby crying. I was so scared that I run to my parent’s bed.
Ever since that day, nothing with that much of importance happened again but I think it was cool to share my experience with the paranormal world with you guys and hear your opinions and also your own stories.
Lots of love xx

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