My Music Connection

We all know that paranormal activity can occur via electronics. I have several incidents regarding this with multiple spirits. The most relentless spirit is that of my late ex-husband, who passed unexpectedly only 3 weeks after diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. My very first encounter was the day our son moved the bed he had had into my house. I had my iPod playing a specific playlist through my tv. I also had headphones on watching a movie on my tablet-the Music was more for my pets. I started to notice that the music was getting quite loud, I mean full volume. As it increased, I pulled off my headphones and realized the song was slightly familiar, but not on my playlist. I wasn’t even sure why I had put it on my iPod, as it’s a c&w song, not my thing but definitely HIS thing. I sat and listened to the last of the song, then it immediately repeated, playing all the way through. After it played, I had heard every word, my tv started flashing off and on, off and on, several times. Then, the volume went back to normal and my playlist resumed. The song was “When I Said I Do”, by Clint Black and his wife, and the hook is “a million miles away or right by your side, nothing ‘s ever going to change the way I feel, the way it was is the way that is is, when I said I do I meant that I will for the rest of all time, be faithful and true, devoted to you, that’s what I had in mind when I said I do”. He wasn’t saying he WAS faithful-he wasn’t-but I was the last person in our family to see him alive-we always loved each other, I just couldn’t raise my son to grow up thinking his dad’s antics, that mirrored his own dad’s, were normal. We both knew that when I left, and that the love had never died. He was definitely telling me that his intentions were good when we married, and that his heart was always mine. I knew that, but how amazing to have this experience? Since then, he has used that same tv to communicate with me many times, usually when our son, who is in a difficult marriage to be very polite, is struggling in some way. He communicates with my mom through the same bathroom lights at the same time my tv is turning off and on-we’ve compared notes. He communicates with my niece, who he helped raise, through her cell phone (he’s used my cell a few times too, one of those times just blew me away) and my son and his wife in a variety of ways. Once, my daughter in law was talking about cleaning the house he had left to our son, she said “I did a pretty good job, didn’t I Dad?” The vacuum cleaner turned on-they were nowhere near it. My son isn’t one for flights of fancy, it’s not a story he would tell lightly-so, his dad clearly watches over him and sent me a message of his love.

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