My plants have been moved

I went out yesterday and bought some succulant plants, I’ve wanted some for a while, and made sure that each I bought were perfect. So I potted them, watered them, and checked they were all good. So we fast forward to today, and I went to check on the plants (I heard watering straight after potting could risk fungal infections, which I didn’t know when watering, and decided to make sure all was good).

The plants looked like they’d been pulled out of the dirt slightly. Like someone pulled them up slightly. Soil was pinning down some leaves (or whatever they are called) on my purple one. What was really weird was that one of my plants seemed to have been broken. You know when you sort of dig your thumb nail into something, and it leaves that distinctive mark, well it was that. It seemed rather fresh, too.

I’ve only had my mother look at my plants. She didn’t touch them. My brother has been in his room all day, but it’s always a possibility he snuck out of his room and messed with me. My question is why though. He’s an idiot, but this is odd, even for him. An unprovoked attack isn’t something he’d do.

I posted it to my succulant group, and someone joked about poltergeists. I think it was a joke, anyway. But I’ve had paranormal activity before, something even got in my bed once. I’ve been seeing black things moving just outside of my direct line of vision, but I originally passed that off as part of my vision beginning to get worse. I’ve also seen white mist leaving my closet before. Anytime I talk about the thing in my bed, it makes its presence known. I was thinking aloud last night, thinking of using it as some form of inspiration for my story I needed to do for English, when I thought I felt it. But it didn’t do the usual standing near me and messing with my head.

I’ve no clue who, or what, or why this happened, and was hoping someone had an idea of what this is.

TL;DR : My brand new, pristine succulants have been seemingly pulled out of and put back into my pot. One has a thumbnail shaped cut. I’ve been seeing black things, but I have bad vision, and passed them off as floaters. I’ve also seen white mist coming from my wardrobe at night. I’ve had experience with the paranormal before and one entity in particular likes to come back and mess with me when I talk about him, think about him, etc. I thought about him last night and this has happened.

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