My sister thinks our dads house is haunted.

My sister told me a story about something that happened a couple years agk. She said on a night she had stayed at my father’s house that she woke up in the night to the feeling of a hand on her throat and another over he mouth. She claims that for a moment she was being choked. She said that she felt the hands release her and tried to scream but couldn’t for a few moments. She said that she’s convinced from that day to now, that the house is haunted. She was shocked when I told her I didn’t think so. The thing is, since I was a young teen ( about 12 or so) I had seen what we believe to be a shadow person at my grandparents house. After that point i seemed to become more sensitive to the possible presence of spirits. ( Having an off feeling in places I visit. Feeling like I’m being watched, hearing things.) I tend to ignore my experiences, but as a result of these feelings I would often sense something off about places and houses, including my mother’s, my grandmother’s, a cottage I lived in for some time, and a few family members and friends homes and even my place of work) oddly enough my dads house and my own apartment are the only places I feel completely comfortable and experience nothing out if the ordinary or sense nothing. I believe what she experienced was sleep paralysis, mainly because even after she was released she claims she couldn’t move or scream. She’s convinced though. My concern is that maybe there is something there and that maybe I had grown so used to it’s presence since I grew up in that house that I no longer sense it.

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