My situation now

Hey the last time I was posting things on here was then I told about the spirits in my home.
I read the comments and I took some advise. So here is my update

I started looking for mold but there wasn’t anything that just looked like mold.
The next thing I did was the first time in my life that I ha e ever done it or talked to a priest in my life but I did it and asked if he could cleanse my house he said yes and came home to me (this happened like a mouth ago) he came to my home and started going In all of the rooms of my house (and I made coffee) he was almost done but he missed a room and that was my living room he couldn’t go in the room at all he started shaking and almost ran outside idk if he was joking or something but it really scared me to death.

He did hes business in the other rooms took a cup of coffee and got in his car but at first he looked at me scared and I was confused he didn’t say anything he just looked at me. And then he drove away it has know been a long time since he was at my home and I saw him yesterday just staring at my house he stood there for like an hour before I got out to him he just looked at me and asked “is everything okay in the house know” I said yes and he looked even sadder he walked to his car and drove away again im more confused than ever.

And I haven slept last night bc a was afraid I had one of my “episodes” as I call them but this time I woke up I could move and talk but something was holding me down I was so scared that I just screamed and screamed I did it so loud that my neighbors came over to check on me as soon as they opened the door whatever was holding me down was gone and I was so scared that I just screamed and cried (I live with my stepfather and he works at knight thats why my neighbors have a key to our house) my neighbors called my stepfather and the police bc my window was open so they thought that is was a break in but I know it wasn’t what ever was holding me down that night was angry scared and was so full of hatred that it was not human.

I know that I sound crazy but I really need help what is that thing is it the same thing that scared father peter (the priest) and why does it hate my or why me.

I need help plzzz help me I can’t be in my own house much longer

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