Need Some Advice

My boyfriend and I have been renting a little bit older place. Built in the mid-70’s or so, I believe. We moved in back at the end of June or early July. Things have been perfectly fine until the last month or so. Both of us have been extremely stressed out for no reason and generally feeling unwell.

About 3 weeks or so ago we slept in the spare bedroom for a night, and there’s a window right next to the bed. We started hearing some noises outside, it sounded like someone was messing with the pilot light on our water heater. It wasn’t a regular tick, though, sometimes it was every couple seconds or every couple minutes, but it went on for hours. He went outside three different times, not a single thing out there. Our puppy seemed pretty uneasy as well. In the same room, we’d be laying and watching TV, and the pup would randomly start staring at the ceiling right above the window and growl with her hackles raised. She’s been barking and growling at what seems to be nothing around the entire house since.

About a week or so ago we came home from dinner, and in the spare bedroom the shelving, tv, and Xbox were all knocked off the walls onto the bed and floor. The Xbox was sitting up perfectly straight on the table partway across the room, though.

Another night while I was asleep, my boyfriend woke up at exactly 1:30 am to hearing a loud knock in the master bedroom closet, and he saw all of our clothes swinging around. It woke our puppy up too.

At night I usually feel like I’m being watched now, especially when I’m going through turning the lights off before bed. Also, a couple days ago I woke up and found a fairly large scratch across my chest, and I know it wasn’t there before going to bed. I’m beginning to gradually feel more uneasy about being here, and we’re not super sure what to make of everything.

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