Negative vibes and TV/Stereo turning on by themselves in my old house…

I’m posting this here to see if anyone else has had similar experiences, or whether there is a logical explanation for any of it as I’ve been dying to know ever since I moved away.

When I was around 13 years old, my parents bought a large 4 bedroom house. It was a really beautiful semi-detached property, built in the 1930’s in a small town in Suffolk, England. When my parents got the keys, they found that the previous owners had taken absolutely everything they could from the property (light bulbs, light SWITCHES, carpet, you name it, they took it, they even came back once to remove daffodil bulbs from the garden!), the only thing they had left was a little corn dolly made from straw sitting in the front window. My Mum found that really weird, so she got rid of it, although my parents didn’t tell me anything about this at the time as they didn’t want to creep me out. The old owners also stopped by quite a few times and asked to see the house, but my Mum always politely declined as she didn’t think it was appropriate for them to keep coming over.

The house was pretty dated so my parents completely gutted it and by the time we actually moved in, it was beautiful! Wonderful bright rooms, all fresh and modern and very welcoming. Despite the fact that the house was now pretty much something out of a magazine, I had a really strange feeling there from the moment we moved in. Something was just “off”. Not enough to drastically affect my life, I was still very happy there, but I never felt truly comfortable and I was always a little on edge.
Pretty much all of the weird stuff happened towards the back of the house for some reason. I hated going into the spare bedroom, it was very cold (even though it was insulated and had heating) and it just made me feel really uneasy, but I had no idea why as it was a lovely room that overlooked the garden, nothing strange in there! When I would use the upstairs bathroom (day or night) I would always avoid looking into the spare room for some reason. When guests stayed there they would often mention how cold it was in there, or how they didn’t sleep too well in that bedroom. I hated being at home by myself, and if I was I would always stay in my room with the spare bedroom door closed and my bedroom door closed and I’d go downstairs to use the toilet so as to avoid going near the spare bedroom.

After a few years of living there, we kept noticing the TV in the kitchen would be turned on in the morning, on a different channel to the one it was on when it was last used. We have three cats, so at first we assumed it was them maybe pressing the buttons as we usually left the remote on the table, so we started putting the remote into a drawer. It still kept happening though! We checked that there was no timer on the TV, we even asked an electrician to check it out because it was quite annoying. Eventually the TV started playing the audio but the screen wasn’t on, which as far as I know isn’t even possible. It was really weird, but we just assumed it was a quirk with the TV. One evening my Step-Dad was doing the washing up in there and he was talking to his Mother (she passed away when he was young, but now and then he will speak out loud to her) and as soon as he mentioned her name, the TV audio turned on. Obviously he was startled, and he put it down to a coincidence and forgot about it. I should add that directly above the TV in the kitchen is the bad-vibe spare room upstairs.
Around the same time that the TV started turning on at night, our stereo started to do the same, however it was never at the same time as the TV. The living room with the stereo was directly below my bedroom and I would hear it start playing music at night now and again and even skipping tracks/discs and I’d have to get up and turn it off. Again, we checked for some sort of timer setting but there wasn’t one.

The final part of the weirdness at that house happened to my Mum (again, I wasn’t told any of this until they had moved out of that house). She is a hypnotherapist, and the front room of the house was her therapy room where she would see her clients. She had one particular client, who was pretty deep into the relaxation/hypnosis, and when she was brought out of it she asked my Mum “Who came into the room?”. My Mum told her that nobody came in, and that nobody was even in the house, and the woman proceeded to tell her that she sensed someone had come in, and that my mum was sort of waving her arms to usher them out of the room. The client said that she felt like it was a middle aged woman, and she said she felt a name, and it was the same name as my Step-Dad’s mother! I should mention that my step-dad is from New Zealand, and his Mum passed there, so I’m not incinuating that it was the spirit of his mother or anything like that, but it was a very strange co-incidence, and it creeped my Mum out because my Step-dad had told her about the TV incident when he said her name in there.

My parents moved out of that house in 2010, and have the stereo and TV in their new house, and they haven’t once turned on by themselves. The new house is older and has most of the original features, including old fireplaces, creaky staircases and even a servant bell, and I know for a fact that the previous owner’s parent passed away there, however I haven’t once had a weird feeling in that house even though it would make much more sense, and the flat that I live in is a fairly old converted house which has nothing but happy vibes. Once my parents moved into the new house, they both admitted to me that they felt the same way about that back bedroom in the old house, and they had no idea why, and the fact that I kept telling them I didn’t like it weirded them out even more, although they brushed it away when we lived there so they didn’t frighten me.

I would like to know if anyone else has had similar experiences, especially with electronics turning on, or if anyone has any theories as to what could have been going on? I didn’t believe in anything paranormal until I lived in that house, but after experiencing that I have become much more open minded.

Apologies for the length of this post, thank-you for reading!

Edit: formatting. I have no idea if I’ve done this right, I’m new to Reddit, apologies!

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