Haunted Headlines: 3/3/18-3/9/18

It doesn’t take a paranormal investigator to realize this building is haunted by its past. Broken toys litter the floor, while old wheelchairs rust in corners beneath grimy, peeling walls. The whole building has a dark, eerie air to it, making any visitor instantly aware they’re treading within grounds sullied by decades of horrors.

PROOF OF AFTERLIFE? Terrifying ‘ghost’ caught on CCTV ‘haunting family home’ – Source: Sunday Express

Everything appears normal as a woman passes through the living room to the kitchen.

But as she moves out of shot a small alleged “phantom” seems to appear in the bottom left of the screen.

Couple shocked to find GHOST in photograph taken outside tea room near Bath – Source: SomersetLive

A couple are reeling after discovering a ghost in a photograph they took outside a 16th century tea room.

Simon Phillips, 34, took the photograph of his partner Ally Vickers, 28, outside the building during a day trip.

But it wasn’t until four days later, when Ally zoomed right in on the photo, that she spotted the ghostly face of what looks like a Victorian woman in the upper right window.

Katie Price reveals pictures of creepy demons in her Sussex mansion as she calls in a ghosthunter to help her track spirits – Source: The Sun

The 39-year-old shared images of what looked like children in her home.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Edinburgh after dark: Discover another side to the city on these night tours – Source: DailyMail.com

  • Travel back to the 17th century and hear the stories of Mary King’s Close
  • Discover the origins of Edinburgh’s reputation for ghosts, ghouls and supernatural happenings
  • Get a taste of the city on a Literary Pub Crawl or Eat Walk Edinburgh’s foodie tours

Supernatural Staffordshire: Have you seen the ghostly figure at the side of the road? – Source: The Sentinel

Just as she passed the Royal Stoke University Hospital on the A34, she noticed a solitary figure standing on the pavement.

It looked like a man wearing a long coat and a flat cap.

The cold, dark morning had brought rain and the man looked quite soaked. Kirstie glanced away just for a second but as she turned back towards where the man was standing she was forced to slam her brakes on as he stepped out in front of her car.

“It was like he hadn’t seen me due to the low lights and bad weather conditions,” says Kirstie. “I slammed my brakes on and prepared for the impact.”

But there was no impact. The man had disappeared.

Numerous Alexa Owners Report Creepy Laugh Coming from Device – Source: Coast to Coast AM

As Amazon’s wildly popular ‘intelligent personal assistant’ Alexa finds its way into more and more homes, reports of weird activity emanating from the device have begun to emerge.

A number of owners have expressed considerable unease on social media after hearing the always-listening gadget unleash a creepy laugh seemingly for no apparent reason.

This Haunted Mental Hospital In Ontario Was Turned Into A Massive Paintball Arena – Source: Narcity

perhaps the most unique paintball arena in the country is the one located in Picton, Ontario, which operates in a completely abandoned government-run hospital from the 1970s.

The building, known as Prince Edward Heights, was actually first a military barracks that was later converted into a “hospital for the mentally disabled.” The building is allegedly haunted, with supernatural investigators reporting intense paranormal activity emanating from inside the hospital.

Katie Price and Paul Burrell’s conveniently newsworthy encounters with the paranormal – Source: The Guardian

Ghosts in mirrors, psychic messages about Princess Di and a reality-TV star who has come back from the dead. Just an ordinary week in the celebrity spirit world.

Friday, March 9, 2018

The Coral have ghostly encounter at Hoylake pub The Ship Inn – Source: WirralGlobe

HOYLAKE indie rockers The Coral have spoken out after a ghostly encounter at local pub, The Ship Inn.

Is this school haunted? Time to call the ghost ferreters! – Source: School News Network

The rewards of a summer filmmaking experience are (not grimly) being reaped by Lee students who spent a week last June creating a 10-minute short film, as part of the school’s first summer Movie Making Extravaganza class offered by Kelly McGee, district’s media specialist and theater director.

Their film, “Ghost Ferreters,” recently nabbed awards for People’s Choice and Best Live Action Short at the Kent County Teen Film Festival. The film is also a finalist in the Kalamazoo Teen Filmmaker Festival, scheduled for March 17, and Golden Lion Awards High School Film Festival, in Cincinnati, April 28.

Madness frontman Suggs reveals hilarious haunted hotel prank that left his keyboardist ‘white as a sheet’ – Source: The Sun

The iconic singer, 57, was travelling to Glasgow to perform his solo show, What A King Cnut!, when the snow storm hit and prompted them to hole up at spooky digs in Carlisle.

Suggs’ keyboardist Deano is susceptible to the paranormal, according to the singer, and was horrified when he recognised his room from a clip of Most Haunted.

Trailer for horror Paranormal: White Noise starring Rose McGowan and Christopher Lloyd – Source: FlickeringMyth.com

 A supernatural skeptic (Rose McGowan) sets off to debunk paranormal sightings using low frequency sound-waves in an abandoned subway station and is met with unforeseen evil and eerie memories.

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