Paranormal activities at friends house

Hello my first time posting here and in advance, english is not my native language so if there are any errors don’t sue me.

My friends brother recently committed suicide.
I won’t go into details why, because even I don’t know the exact reason. But basically he had trouble with drugs and finances….

Before the explanation part starts. Me and a few close friends had an idea that maybe he was in shock and is hallucinating or has selective memory on some events (more in the explanatory part)

Yesterday my friend was home alone and playing video games when he heard footsteps coming from his brothers room which was at that time locked he also felt vibrations from the footsteps because his and the brothers room is separated by a thin wall. He got scared and ran, got out of the house immediately. He came to my house and we went outside for a little while. After that he went home and heard the footsteps again so he unlocked the room and inside he found a letter. On the letter written was the name of his father that died when he was an infant. ( our theory was that maybe he wrote that letter and his brain is shielding him from that memory). Later when he was trying to sleep the light was moving… And today he said that he is hearing knocks in the room (which is locked at the moment) thats all for now.

So I’m wondering what we should do? Should we try to communicate with the ghost, leave it alone…

And what is your opinion on this is really happening or is he just hallucinating. Or what does the “ghost” want if its real?

I will be happy for every advice or suggestion

I can also keep you guys updated if this gets any attention or provide pictures.


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