Paranormal Creature Story during Filipina bride tour

Met my amazing wife in one of those Filipina bride tours which we both joined just to try out something new. As we got to know each other more during the tour, we spent a lot of time together. We were staying over a local resort where we had our own cottage. As we were about to head to bed, we were disturbed by the sound of loud screeching and scratching noises in the walls and ceiling of the cottage. Call me nuts but I think we also heard the sound of large wings flapping. It was as if a huge bird was trying to get inside our room. My wife was really scared. Luckily, we were able to get one of the staff to check on our room. We were transferred to a room that was much better. The next morning, my wife talked to the staff of the resort and found out that this was not the first time clients have complained about creepy scratching noises. Some of the staff are firm in saying that it was indeed a flying creature who would prey on people. They are not humans although during the day, they pretend to be. They are also not animals. They are shape shifting creatures. Apparently, that creature was popular within the local neighborhood as many have already been victimized by it.

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