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Real Werewolf in Pennsylvania?

Do you remember this report from March 2017?

Today, I received further evidence that supernatural Lycanthropy may actually exist…and that it occurred in western Pennsylvania.

The following is the original account:

So there is this guy, he’s twenty-something, and he lives in my hometown of West Newton, PA. Now I am not friends or even acquaintances with him, but you can say we have mutual friends. They were talking about him being a werewolf, but they were somewhere between joking around and being serious. I don’t know, but what I do know is that I was really into the paranormal and had a lot of free time on my hands. I never really believed in a lot of it though…until I met this kid. He just gave me a weird feeling. So I thought, “I have nothing interesting to do so let me investigate this.” That’s exactly what I did.

To start the investigation, I followed him home from work on November 13th 2016. The reason I chose that certain date is because I didn’t want to drag this on. That night was going to be a full moon. I know, cliché. I got my friend (who wants nothing to do with this report) and we went across the street from this guy’s house around 4:00 pm. He left his house and headed up the road. Eventually he ended up going into the woods on the east side of town. We followed from a distance the whole time. We got to the woods and hid in a ditch.

Around 5:30 pm he started doing the strangest thing; he started removing his clothes. To be honest we were mouthing, What the F**k the whole time. He then started to place his clothes into a plastic bag and pulled out a weird-looking belt. It was made of fur or hair, I don’t know. Then around 6:00 pm it happened. The unbelievable happened. His body began to twist and contort in very unnatural ways. He then began to groan in pain. I get sick describing what happens next, so I’ll leave that part up to your imagination. Then the worst possible scenario played out. He saw us! Well not him, ‘It’, the wolf, saw us!

I made my friend run back towards town. I was having a panic attack. So, in self defense, I pulled out a couple of my grandmothers silver spoons from her collection (I went back and got them a week or so later) and threw a couple at him and held the rest up in his direction. He still persevered and began running towards me. So I booked it out of there, but it only took a couple seconds for him to catch up. He lunged onto me and slashed at my arm with his claws. With my other hand (In which I was still holding the silver spoons) I pressed the silver as hard as I could onto his body. He whimpered and ran away.

Long story short: I made it out of the woods, my friend had already called the police, and she lied when they asked if I had tried to harm myself. She said I had, which was probably for the best. I will NEVER leave my house at night-time or around a full moon again.

Now, witnesses and associates of the original eyewitness and supposed ‘werewolf’ are coming forward. After an in-depth interview, and assurances of more eyewitness testimony and evidence, it has become apparent that supernatural Lycanthropy may actually be more that a fantasy.

Butch Witkowski and I briefly discussed the new revelations, and we are determined to follow-up on the information. Any and all pertinent details will be presented here…stay tuned. Lon

Astonishing Encounters: Pennsylvania’s Unknown Creatures, Casebook 3

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Alien Testing Earth Soil

I saw an alien and a UFO in Sawyer, Michigan in 1990. I was eight years old.

There is a couple from Chicago who own a little cottage who are barely ever there…probably why the alien chose that spot. In watching one of the latest episodes on TV, I was astounded to hear of all the other activity right there in South Haven so close to my sighting.

The UFO was hovering right over the cottage spinning really slowly and looked like two dinner plates, one turned upside down on top of the other. It was grey like made of metal. Where the plates met there were many different colored lights but when the UFO started spinning faster the colors began to run together. I saw the alien outside of its craft, with an ultra-bright light surrounding it. It definitely glowed. It was testing the soil with something that looked like those lights that commonly light walkways up to a person’s house only the light from it was neon green. I think it was testing the soil. I ran inside to get my parents and when I returned the alien and the craft were gone. – NUFORC


Eye in the Sky

“Years ago when I got out of school. One rainy day me and a friend were sitting in a car at a park waiting for the rain to stop. I wanted to see if the clouds were breaking up so I leaned forward over the dashboard to look up at the sky. Just as I looked up at the sky, the clouds slowly opened up like eyelids opening up! In the center of the opening was the sun and around the sun was blue sky like the whites of an eye. It was like a giant eye in the sky looking down at me! It stopped raining on the windshield right in front of me and rays of sunlight shown down through the windshield at me yet it was pouring rain all around. I then mentioned to my friend about the clouds opening up like a giant eye. Then just as my friend started to lean forward over the dashboard to look up at the sky Thee clouds began closing up like eyelids closing. By the time my friend looked up at the sky, the clouds had closed up and were back to normal. My friend never saw the giant eye in the sky. It was as though God was playing a little game of Peek a Boo..”

Source: TY Comments, dimension 10

Beyond Creepy



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