Quick Q&A with Pedal Provo Ghost Tours

With the weather warming up, getting outside and getting some exercise becomes more appealing. Nicer weather is also more conducive to haunt jaunting.

Regular walking ghost tours marry the two (exercise plus haunt jaunting), but earlier this year a unique tour in Utah came to my attention: Pedal Provo Ghost Tours.

PPGT’s owner, Derek, was kind enough to answer a few questions I had for him.


HJ: How many riders can you accommodate? Do you have maximum limit? (It says your tours can get big, and from the pics on the site it looks like they might so I just wondered if you ever have to run anyone away.)

PPGT: My max is 30 people for the cemetery tour and a little less for the river trail (since it is a new route I am still testing things before the tours start). It was a little higher last year but I have capped it at 30 to keep the experience exceptional for everyone on the tour. I have never had to run anyone away because 99% of the people buy a ticket online before they come. I didn’t really have a limit last year. That being said I think the biggest group was about 34 so it was not too crazy.

HJ: What made you choose bikes?

PPGT: Bicycles are a huge passion for me and I love sharing this passion with other people. It is great because it is almost impossible for people to be unhappy while riding a bicycle. So even when I feel like I am having an off night ghost story wise, everyone still tells me what a great time they had and I attribute that to the bikes. Also, it is the perfect mode of transportation for a ghost tour. You are outside 100% of the time so more likely to feel scared and we can go farther more quickly than any walking tour. Plus people feel like it is more of an adventure since most people don’t bike that often.

HJ: I see you’ve added a new tour for 2017. What’s the difference between them? Would you recommend one over the other based on biking abilities?

PPGT: The tours are completely different in where we ride and the ghost stories that I tell. One is through the city of Provo, and the other is alongside a river on a paved trail. As far as biking ability they are almost identical. The river trail might be less stressful for people because there are fewer cars but there is less space because the trail is not super big so there are pros and cons to both. I keep the routes easy because I know the skill level varies so much.

HJ: How hilly (or flat) is the terrain people will be riding on?

PPGT: The terrain is 95% flat and easy riding. There is a small hill on the city route that some people take a little bit longer to get up but it is nothing crazy and the story at the top is worth every pedal stroke. I don’t tell people about the hill because they assume it is this huge mountain and it isn’t even close.

Sounds fun!

I’ve never been to Provo, but if I ever do get to go, I know this is one tour I could talk my husband into doing with me. He might not always like haunt jaunting, but he loves biking, so I think we’d have fun doing this.

About Pedal Provo Ghost Tours

As alluded to above, there are two trails:

  1. River Trail Edition
  2. Cemetery & City Edition

Ticket Prices:

  • Single: $10
  • Date Night (Couples ticket): $16
  • Bicycle Rentals: $10

Date & Times:

This isn’t the kind of tour that runs every night of the week. Mostly it’s Friday & Saturday nights starting around 9 p.m.

For more info and to purchase tickets (which you can reserve up to an hour before the tour begins), visit their website: http://pedalprovo.com/.

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