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I’d like to start by saying that I’m a skeptic. I’m using a throwaway because this experience has made my wife and I feel like crazy people. We don’t know what to think at this point. My wife is fairly open minded to most things, but I just can’t bring myself to believe in most of the supernatural. We are not drug users (we had never even tried pot) or drinkers. I’m not an asshole skeptic – I feel that most people who relay their experiences do so in good faith and believe they are telling the story as objectively as possible. I enjoy good stories, and I can’t disprove their story so there’s no point in calling them out or arguing. I have done the same here and will attempt to present what happened as succinctly as possible. I have spoken with those involved to be sure I have everything straight and present the events as objectively as possible.

To jump right into it, I’m a channer and my wife is not. There was a big hullabaloo about Kek and meme magic a couple of years ago: users were noticing more unexplainable things and synchronicity in their own lives. I read a big long post about how it related to the ancient Egyptian Ogdoad – a pantheon of 8 primordial deities comprised of complimentary pairs of 4. It was all a pretty interesting read. There is a lot to it and I won’t go in depth here to relay it.

A couple of weeks went by and things got weird. My wife has an uncanny sense of intuition. I’ve known her for over a decade and we were close friends before getting together. I’ve learned in that time to just trust it because every time I ignore her warnings or telling me about a feeling she’s had it bites me in the ass. She says they’re just gut feelings but I’ve never met anyone whose gut feelings are so eerily accurate. Well, she got a feeling that something wanted to talk to her and she should take a bath while she does so. She acts on it, and as she’s sitting in the tub she lets whatever it is know that she’s ready to listen. In the bath she got the feeling that it wanted help with something. She asked to know more. When she closed her eyes and sat back she got a lot of closed-eye visuals of frogs and vortices and some other things she couldn’t really get a handle on – grids of dots, eyes, and things she couldn’t describe. She called out to me for a pen and paper and drew them down. That’s when things really started to ramp up.

The end of the hallway and our room had changed feeling pretty dramatically. My wife started noticing a figure or just a general bit of dark formlessness, usually starting at dusk and continuing through the night. She said he was tall and broad but not menacing – almost as if he were observing. I’m a large-built 6’2” and 260 lbs and he was considerably larger. When we were in bed, she said, he was essentially always watching us. For me, it simply felt like there was just someone always hanging out in our room, as if we had someone staying with us. That same feeling of general habitation. She started getting closed-end visuals even just lying in bed, but they considerably more clear during intimacy. She continued telling me about what she was seeing and drawing them for me.

I researched the symbols and things she was drawing and it was all leading back to Egyptian myths and more obscure, initial phases of mythology. My wife purposely insulated herself from this process, since neither of us was completely sold on what was happening and she didn’t want to bias herself. Neither of us have ever been particularly interested in Egypt, at least in terms of mythology, so it made for a fairly interesting bit of reading and discussion since it was all new. I’m not sure what exactly was supposed to be conveyed by it all, since everything was happening far too rapidly to dig into any single thing as deeply as I would like. Still the presence persisted as a general feeling for me, but gradually it became slightly comforting for my wife. He was fairly pleasant and communicated with her regularly, though the imagery was often difficult to interpret or whatever concepts he attempted to convey were not especially clear to her. One of his favorite methods of communication was through her intuitive sense and over time that became almost solely his method of communication. He was with us nearly everywhere – in the car or a literal thousand miles from home it didn’t seem to matter.

One night in the middle of sex she looked me dead in the eyes and just said “we need to have another baby.”

Apparently, this time he had made his communication clear. We had talked about having another – even wanted another. But we had just purchased the house and added a lot to our outgoing monthly. We talked again and it was settled; we decided to stay the course we were on.

Over the next few months, the new branch of our business exploded. We had been in business for several years and now managed to double our revenue in less than half a year. The odd thing was that the new clients in both locations that we were adding had an interesting thing in common. On every front walk or near every front door was a frog statue. We don’t really serve the kind of clientele who have an affinity for garden decorations in the first place. It got to the point that we were surprised if they didn’t. Confirmation bias is a thing and we definitely had frogs on the brain. We took tallies of older clients’ houses, and maybe 20% had a frog statue near their door. Of the new clients, over 90% did and for a vast majority that was their only figurine of any kind.

Until this point, I was relying on my wife to tell me everything that was going on. Nothing came to me or involved me. I still just had the feeling that someone was in my house, and one corner of the hallway seemed abnormally dim. One day I was in the shower. I take very short showers and the bathroom is very small with a glass shower. I towelled off and stood in front of the mirror to take care of the usual after-shower stuff and noticed something on the mirror. Rather, something not on the mirror. We have heating dishes on our ceiling so the fog on the mirror was rapidly disappearing, but I saw some squiggles. I flipped off the dish and vent fan and leaned into the shower to turn the hot water back on. Slowly the mirror clouded over again, but there were some spots that the water refused to condense on. There were 3 symbols, a couple were made up of several symbols. Afraid that they would fog over, I quickly snapped a picture with my phone so I could catalog them. I remember one offhand was the hieroglyph for water when I looked it up, I do not remember the other two.

About that time, things in our house began moving. Mind you, not when we could see them but it was ALWAYS something we had just touched. I’m a very forgetful person. I have a great mind for retaining information and things I’ve read, but I lose shit constantly. I came up with a system for keeping my important items where I need them and have used that for about 15 years. Well those items things like my keys, which are only ever one of three places, would go back to their “starting” area ie. the headboard of my bed after I placed them in my pocket on my way out the door. I chalked it up to carelessness, but it began happening to my wife, who has a seeming mental map of every item that exists in our home. Items we had picked up to bring with us kept showing back up at their “resting” places. My keys would disappear from my pocket almost daily, ending up right back on my headboard.

All the while, the insistence on us conceiving another child slowly escalated, intensifying around the time my wife ovulated. Until one day something was added:

“Something big is coming – you need to have a child.”

That seemed a bit nonsensical to us – why would we deal with the complications of pregnancy or a new life if something was supposed to be happening? It seemed like possibly. The worst plan. All the while, the presence persisted much as it had according to my wife: pleasant, following wherever we went, standing vigilant at our bedside. Items continued being returned to their places. That didn’t escalate. We had no slamming doors or cabinets, no items being thrown, no voices. He gave up almost entirely on imagery and communicated through my wife’s gut instinct. The call for us to have another child got more insistent until it changed again:

“You must have another child. Something big is coming and it’s bad.”

Yeah, no way in hell. Despite feeling out of our minds, at this point we decided to talk to my mom. She’s a Wicca practitioner of 40 years and knows and believes a lot more about the supernatural than either of us. She thought there was definitely something in the house to her, and she didn’t think it was malevolent. Aaaand that was about it. It was super vague and she gave us some general advice about not making deals, etc. She had no idea what was going on.

A few more weeks pass and not much changes. Then, the message changes again:
“There’s something bad coming and I can’t change it unless she’s pregnant.” was the gist of it.

That was the final form of the message being given to us. It grew more and more insistent – not necessarily demanding but definitely urgent. Pretty much day in and day out this was the message my wife got.

Eventually, it began to ebb. Things started staying where they were put and the messages started to come more sporadically. After about two months it was quiet save once or twice every other week. We were starting to feel less off our rockers, but my wife missed the presence that had been pretty constant with us for the last 8 or so months.

Shortly after, it was all but silent. We and the kids caught a crappy flu bug and recovered. Two weeks later I developed a fever and was diagnosed with pneumonia. My lungs cleared up on the antibiotics but the fever never went away. I was sent to the hospital for more testing and everything came back clear – imaging, urinalysis, blood work was all normal. Still the fever persisted and my heart rate was 130-140 bpm pand I began dropping weight. We stayed with relatives so my wife would have help with the kids as I got weaker by the day. I was having Dr’s appointments twice a week testing for all sorts of illnesses and with weigh-ins to track my every dwindling weight. 60lbs down and after 11 weeks of fever at 103.5 my blood work went off the raiks. I was sent for a CT scan and received a call from my doctor before I had even made it home asking me to come in that afternoon.

There, I was given my results: masses throughout my chest consistent with Lymphoma. A biopsy confirmed it a few weeks later.

This brings us to current day. I have completed chemo and radiation and we’re back in our own home. We were getting settled in and back to our routine and then something odd happened. My wife has a painting of significance to her that my mom made on frosted glass back-lit with LEDs. It has started turning itself on when we’re out of the room. We have not yet been contacted by whatever was in the house.

Though this is a throwaway, I will be replying to questions and things. This seemed like a fairly open minded community so I would like to see any insights into what the hell is going on.

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