Real Ectoplasm?

I’m curious to see if anyone has heard of this before…On several occasions now I’ve seen a small black undulating wisp..almost looking like a small wisp of smoke and black as black can be.  I didn’t remember that I saw it twice previously until I saw it a third time, then suddenly I remembered I saw it twice before.  The third time I saw it, it was about the size of a grape then morphed into a single strand that was thicker on the bottom.  The left side of the strand was smooth but the right side was jagged..I reached out to grab it but it disappeared leaving no trace in my hand…I saw it again a couple weeks later as I was sitting at my art desk.  I was pulling out my paints I was going to use when suddenly it appeared floating in front of my face.  I watched it at first since it disappeared when I tried to touch it the time before, but it started to float up towards the it was floating away I tried to grab it but this time it flitted around my fingers and wouldn’t let me catch it.  It continued to float away from me and floated into a group of work in progress paintings.  After that I felt compelled to work on a painting that was up in the stack the black thing flew into..I’ve told other people in my home about it but I was the only one that was seeing it..until last night, my boyfriend also saw it.  Last night we were lying in bed watching tv when we suddenly heard someone yelling “hey! Hey!”  I told him to mute the tv but there was silence.  We checked out the house and came back upstairs to bed…just a few minutes later the black wisp appeared just above me right in front of my face.  I immediately pointed at it and asked my boyfriend if he could see it.  He said he could but he then started to rationalize it any way he could..I put my hand out and this time the wisp floated directly into my hand and left a black mark..I touched it and it smeared on my skin.  The consistency was closest to like a creamy black eyeliner.  Then as I’m staring at my hand in shock, my boyfriend exclaims that the black wisp was coming from me, coming off me, because he was seeing it rise from my legs but then it disappeared.  I didn’t see it rise from my legs, only he did.  I’m trying to understand how something can interact three completely different ways…to disappear one time, the next time it played keep away from me and then last night it marked my skin.  Most of the similar stories I can find suggest it may be ectoplasm. Has anyone ever seen or heard of this??

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