Shadow Figure makes a Snack in my Kitchen

I am no stranger to paranormal occurrences and tend to take the “Na that’s just dust”, approach, but this I simply can’t explain.

A few months after a stint in rehab I moved into a nice apartment in a new area of the city. A big rule of quitting any substance is to remove yourself from anything and everyone involved with it. So, I did, and I and my two cats, Rain, and Aura, started over. Having lived in some pretty sketchy areas of the city, I was very habitual about locking the doors. It was second nature.

The second bedroom I used as an office/game room. The computer was set up against the wall by the door. Through the door, you could see the living room divider and fairly far into the kitchen area. Rain had set himself on a chair right outside the doorway and was happily snoring away. I had been home for quite some time with the house dead bolted as usual and was sat at the computer, heavily concentrating on learning 3D modeling. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Rain abruptly sit up straight. His hair wasn’t raised so he didn’t seem afraid, just very focused on something. That’s when I saw it. A shadow, tall and almost shaped like a warped trapezoid, standing in my kitchen. It moved slowly from the kitchen and out of view for a second before reemerging in front of the divider and stopping. What caught my attention was that the shadow didn’t touch the floor or the ceiling. Rain, wide-eyed, turned to look at me and then back at the figure. The speed of my heart shot up to plaid and I carefully stood up from my seat. My initial thought was that I didn’t want to scare it. I laugh looking back at that. I didn’t want to scare IT.

I can’t tell you any of the usual things like it was cold or there was a foreboding feeling, because there wasn’t. It was as if I had seen a mythical creature in my kitchen and wanted a selfie.

I walked into the hallway to get a closer look. It just stood there, about 7 feet tall, and it seemed to be staring back at us. It was at his point that my inner voice was screaming at me, “Are you seeing this?! Are we actually seeing this?” I had had time to blink several times before it darted towards the front door. And that was when I felt it. A blast of air came through the house, enough to make me squint and pause for a moment before rounding the corner into the living room. The doors and all of the windows were wide open! That is when I got a bit unnerved, “Did I leave them open? No, I’ve been here all day. Wtf?!”

Upon walking to lock up the house once again, I noticed some lights flashing in the parking lot and a few neighbors wandering around aimlessly. There had been a leak in the building, and the Gas Company was out in force. Make of it what you will, but I don’t believe all things that look frightening are there to harm.

Walking home the next evening I looked up at the moon and saw it standing on the roof. I watched it for a bit before giving it a smile and a wave. I never saw that one again.

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