Shadowfigure walking at running speed in distance.

A couple of days ago I was hanging out with my friends at night outdoors. We were about to head back to a guys place. We were out on a lake at the time so we had a clear view ahead.

I noticed two shadowy figures ahead, I really could’nt get a good look because it was fast and well it was dark outside, the most noticable thing was where it was.

I could see that the things were in front of a fence but at the same time it was kind of behind them too.

I could’nt make out than a little more than their knees, but at the same time I really had this feeling of exactly what it looked like. It was tall, perhaps 2m, it was walking really strange, It was standing straight but had it’s legs bent. I think it walked at about 10km/h if I guess. It had no facial features, it was a little blurry, kind of normal neck, a little thin. Humanoid, naked, no gender but male-ish. They dissapeared when they walked to a house. Now the strange thing is that one of my friends saw exactly the same thing, a little bit more than its knees, but could describe it the same way I did, we both knew how it looked. It could’nt have been someone, it’s walking angle was really strange and no one could walk that fast.

Has anyone seen this before? If so please tell me.
This experience happened at a swedish lake, I don’t remember behind which house the things dissapeared but another one of my friends have been hearing knocks and screams in the changing rooms, but no one has been there when he checked.

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