She did it for her daughter.

I’ve been lingering on here for a bit now and I’m finally going to share one of my slightly horrifying experiences, but it was all done with good intents.

I was around 7 or 8 at the time. I live with my mother and 6 cats in a fairly big town. I had ‘experienced’ other random things around the house like orbs. We had a spiritualist round before and he had sent 3 spirits ‘away’ or ‘to the light’ . I’m not religious in any way, but i do believe in an after life and reincarnation. Due to the previous experiences it wasn’t really a surprise to mother that i had been seeing shadows. Since she had numerous sightings of apparitions appearing in the hallway, this normally happened when i was away with other family though.

It was the start of a new school year in September, I had seen shadows recently but i took no notice with my typical care-free attitude. I wasn’t freaked out by spirits at first. However 2 weeks later, i was down in the kitchen at around 10pm. A lot of people would argue what is a 7 year old doing in the kitchen at 10pm. Well i was hungry, i was just innocently making a sandwich. The cats would normally be let in at 11pm and the house cats (Whiskers and Indigo) were both upstairs leaving me completely alone. I was just minding my own business just getting out some bread ready to butter. Suddenly a cold breeze just seemed to sweep into the kitchen, I was totally alert, i stood frozen. I could feel tears about to stream down my face, but i just continued as if nothing happened. Moments later, i heard a box shifting, luckily for me i was grasping a knife so i was somewhat protected. I literally stood there glaring into the chrome kitchen door handle. I looked at the reflection, but i couldn’t see anything, i was expecting a person and was gathering myself to go and confront them or scream for my mother. The box kept moving the sound was so distinctive i could almost feel the it moving across the floor. I was putting together all the possible causes in my head. I fell short due to there being no one downstairs with me and with that. I screamed for my mother, she rushed downstairs and i burst into tears i told her and thankfully she believed due to how distraught i looked.

The next day, she called out our spiritualist Bob, he was an old guy in his late 70s but could still walk and operate like someone in their 40s. He had provided us with pretty specific information and details that no records or internet searches could provide about the ‘dead’ past tenants. After, 3rd visit to the house my mother felt no need to check with people or records associated with the people who supposedly haunted us. I wasn’t sure about what he was saying at first either, so i just went along with what he was saying. Although sometimes i feel like me and my mother were feeding information for him to more or less feed off. As he entered the house the first thing he said was ‘ I can feel her ‘ my mothers face looked confused but proceeded anyway. He sat down and immediately said ” she means no harm” i sat there kind of scared. Before long, he went into the backroom where it happened and told us to stay in the front room and stay quiet. Me and my mother tried to listen in but he didn’t make a sound. I obviously didn’t understand how he speaking to anyone without actually speaking but i now know it’s done with the mind. 10 minutes later, he came back in and told us that it was indeed a woman. She used to the old landlady, he couldn’t give us a specific year but he said around the 1910s. He said she had daughter aswell and they used to live there. The mother used to sit in the spot where the box was apparently moved and watch the garden in the day. After, that my mother thanked Bob and he made his way out.

A couple of weeks after, i started to wake up in the middle of the night to a shadow going into my mothers room. I just sat there, rubbed my eyes and silently waited until my fear subsided and fell asleep. Although a couple of days a later. I started to wake up every morning without fail to a brand new 5 pence piece next to me on my bedside table. I think after 4-5 days i approached my mum and asked her why she kept giving me 5 pence, because who else has access to my room at night. It always amazed me how she didn’t wake me, but that’s what i believed at first.

Somehow my mother let it keep on going for at least a week and a half. It was bothering me at school, because my mother said she hadn’t given or left any money for me so, I kept nagging her. Until she finally called Bob over again. Once again he entered the and sat down, asked where it happened and went up to room and shut the door. He didn’t let us go up again. It took him a good 20 minutes until he finally returned downstairs. When he returned he gave a big sigh and just started off with ”She just wants help”. I just sat there with a big question mark in my mind. My mother asked ”with what?”. Bob said it’s the same landlady a horrific event happened to her daughter she was trampled to death by horse and carriage just around the corner. The road around the corner was kind of a main road and had been for decades, because it lead you into the main village so it was no surprise really that there was a lot of traffic. He explained that her daughter got all her teeth knocked out during the accident and the mother searched for doctors to operate after she came to her mother in spirit wanting her teeth back. Bob said 5 pence was worth a different amount back then there wasn’t a 5 pence piece but maybe that’s all she could make appear. The 5 pence everyday represented a tooth. So basically she paid my 5 pence for a single tooth everyday. According to the information that the woman apparently told him, she said her daughter was called Benwan and was 11 at the time and I reminded her of her daughter. I think me and my mother were truly taken aback even though it was a lot for me to take in at my age i understood her need and why she ‘bothered’ me and tried to catch my attention. I’ve never been the same.

That was my story, i’ve had more spirits in my home since Bob thinks i’ve got spiritual abilities, he thinks I have now opened a door to the spiritual realm and I’ll have to live with them for my whole life…Thanks for reading.

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