Should I let this ghost stay in my house or have my house blessed to help him move on?

A previous owner of my house passed away here. The neighbors loved him and he is always highly spoken of and there are talks of how much he loved this house. I have never ever felt a negative presence. Just incidences where he has made us aware of him.

On two different nights the lights in my stairway would not work but began working normally in the morning.

There is a tool/work room in the basement where it is said that he was constantly working on projects. My dog is always staring at something in there. The dogs bark at one certain wall in the main floor and in the backyard every so often. The water machine on the fridge goes off in the middle of the night at times.

Also when we moved in, there was one closet door in the basement that would not open. We hired 3 handy men and each one could not pry the door open. There is no lock on the door. When the 4th handymen came we were ready to take the door off the hinges. He tried to open the door and still no luck. We told him jokingly that we thought it was because of the ghost. He stood in front of the door and mockingly said “okay ghosty, ghosty. I’m gonna open the door now.” He turned the handle and the door finally opened with ease after countless trial and error. He was shook to say the least, haha.

Last night all three of us who live in this house started talking about all the incidences we’ve experienced. Late that night I started to do some research on ghosts while watching TV. The Color on the TV turned green and staticky which I thought was weird because we have a brand new TV with xfinity and that has never happened before. Then the TV went out twice while watching a program.

Tonight we all sat down in the dark and decided to ask the ghost questions. We know who he is so we called him by name. We asked him to show a sign that he was here. Our candle began to lightly flicker and we heard noises from the basement which we cannot explain. We began to ask more questions and the wood floor began to creak as if someone were walking near us.

I want to emphasize that since day one I have felt safe and happy in my house. This is definitely not a negative energy. So my question now is, what would be the ethical way to go about this ghost. Should I let him stay in the house he loved or have the house blessed and help him to move on? Comments and suggestions appreciated.

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