Sleep Paralysis and My Father [including drawing] [my drawing of the Shadow Man]

Around the time I turned 18, my father began going through intense therapy for his PTSD (he was injured in Iraq) and as a result of the stress, began suffering from seizures, prompting him to be evaluated at a hospital for six weeks. While he was away, the sleep paralysis I experienced became more intense. It happened three nights a week on average, and I would see a “shadow man” creep out of my closet, and each time, it would get closer. The last night it happened, it was standing by my bedside, leaned in close, and whispered, “Don’t worry, it’ll be okay” and kissed my cheek. I shot up in bed as the shadow dissipated, and turned on the light to see nothing around me. The thing is, when it spoke, it sounded just like my father, and when it kissed me, I could feel the scratch of scruffy facial hair, which he had at the time. By far the most bizarre thing to happen to me.

Note: This is not paranormal, as sleep paralysis can be perfectly explained, but I still found it very jarring and strange.

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