Something captured on camera?

A brief summary – we moved into this new place on March 1 of 2018. We have had nothing but issues – phantom door knocks, whispering late at night, sounds of large things falling and when checked, nothing fell, also had shaking/banging noise inside the baby’s nursery closet.

We had a priest come about 2 weekends ago and everything seems to be okay now. I also purchased 2 high end surveillance videos for the home to see if I can “capture” anything or identify where the sounds were coming from.

Last night my camera captured this “motion detection” — very strange and appears to be some sort of energy/lightning?? inside the baby’s nursery room (same place most things were happening).

Any idea what this could be?

I also have the full 10 second clip if somebody wants to tell me how or where to upload it.

EDIT: Video link –

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