Something Strange Happened To me!

I had a paranormal Experience i thought You might be interested. so This happend a while Back (4months ago) And im Telling the truth not overexggerating or anything. So here i was in The living Room While i was watching tv and the channel was on bbc News going through Politics and Shit irrelevant. I was on my Phone Looking at youtube Videos to watch My interest that new star wars game Battlefront2 and Injustice2 Both really good Games you should get them both, when suddenly My dog Started Barking At Nothing, Now when i say nothing, Literally There Was Nowt a thing, she was just barking At the French Doors When the curtains where closed, in which I wondered “Wtf” Is my Dog On Crack? So I investigated And Weirdly Enough Start Moving My hand Into the surroundings And Felt In this (ONE SPOT) A Cold Tingly Strange Feeling like pins and needles! It was so Strange And Couldent Help but feel as If Someone was Watching Me and wanted to Show their Presence, Now this is where things Get Really Fucked up! i started Saying Stuff to It, Eg Are You A spirit? Are you a entity? Are you an angel or a demon? I was a bit thick to think it would respond Vocally to me, So i asked It To move something… and then My Dogs kentucky toy started Spinning on its Own Not fast But Gently With a consistent Pace, now i was obvs A bit skeptical it could Just be the wind. BUT IT WASNT there Was no way It was the Wind! Then After that I asked “Use My energy” and all that Bullshit You see on tv Paranormal investigators saying “Use me energy” to make yourself Known etc, Then I sat back down And waited For Like 35secounds, I FELT THIS FUCKING HAND ON MY FACE! I couldent See it I could ONLY FEEL IT IT WAS THE SAME FEELING I GOT WHEN I WAS MOVING MY HAND NEAR THAT SAME SPOT BEFORE! HOW THE FUCK? AND THEN IT TOUCHED MY FUCKING DOG AND IT FLINCHED! Yes it fucking flinched And since then i Knew Spirits DO EXIST! NO IM not hallucinating or on drugs or whatever And im Only 17 So why would i lie, writing this fucking paragraph for ages Is killing me, anyway Thanks for reading and sorry for typo mistakes, Dont give me bullshit making Excuses Just Give your own personal View And scientific explanation, im paranoid Of whatever it was and im still scared.

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Can anyone tell me the name and basic of different types of sceances

Maybe I’m crazy