Something wanted to get inside me

I woke up last night in my bed that was totally wet because of sweat. I remembered that I was fighting against something that stood next to my bed. I don’t know what it was but it seemed like something gray. I can’t remember any shape of it. It could have been something like a person or something that looked like one.

The fight was only done with my head. I did not use my hands but I pressed my head against the thing in a mental way. It felt like I fought against it by thinking to not letting this thing come into my head. It did not want to come into my body by using my nose or mouth but directly through my forehead. My plan worked out and when I woke up I was very upset and needed some time to calm down.

Usually I do not believe in bad ghosts or demons but in good ones. Since last night I am not sure about my belief. I am wondering if something wanted to take control of my body and kick my soul out of it and live in my body or if it was a soul of someone who was having an out of body experience that needed a new place to stay.

Or perhaps it was my dad. I don’t have any contact to him but I know that he is terminally ill and I thought it might be his soul that wanted to get into contact with me.

Anyway I am a little confused because it did not feel like a dream but as something real.

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