Strange things.

So let me start off by saying that I’m navajo and with our culture we are very spiritual and connected through this. What I have been wondering about for the longest time, has anyone ever have any issues or paranormal activity going on when you choose a belief system? While growing up around 13 years old, I started taking interest in christianity. Just to see what’s going on and for some sort of experience type of thing. I have noticed a pattern when ever I just feel like excepting christianity again. I’m not a big religious type of person. I always have strange dreams, and other things. Like someone breathing at night, a sense of something watching and feeling sort of different. When I do something in a christian form, I feel floaty, sort of like being lightheaded. It’s strange and about 17 years old, I thought back and thought about this ever sense. My family isn’t religious at all and only go by the navajo spiritual way. But my older sister started going to church and that’s when I was 13. But my interest only lasted shortly and I moved on and stop it altogether. But now I’m 18 and still think about this, it’s interesting. I wonder if it has to do with me being navajo. I never really asked that question to anyone before. But it is quite strange how that is, maybe it’s just a coincidence but it’s been four times that this happened to me. But it doesn’t have to be a religious thing to trigger that paranormal stuff. When ever I do good or get some sort of positive outlook and such, I get the paranormal activity back. So now I live my life in negativity, it’s fine and I grew to like it. I have a lot of dislikes about religions, and sorry if I might’ve affended anyone here. But I just ignore and put it off and that’s all. I do respect peoples beliefs but I’m more a science and logical type of person. I’m open minded to anything, but I also need evidence. I hope this makes sense, sorry if I’m all over the place.

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