Tarot Card Warning Ghost

So this really weirded me out yesterday and I just want to share. I was driving down the road and randomly thought about getting my tarot cards out. The thought was gone as quickly as it came and I just went on driving.

That evening a friend of mine came over to help put together an outfit for a job she is starting today, so we are up in my room when she randomly goes “hey did you hear that? Someone just said your name and wants me to let you know to not touch your tarot cards. It will invite something into the house you don’t want”. Mind you she was totally drunk, had no idea I considered getting my cards out at all, blurted it out of no where, and then just continued on with getting an outfit together like it didn’t happen. Weirded me the hell out, and I will probably never touch my cards again.

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Has anyone ever encountered a friendly ghost?

One Last Time.