That one Dress

So about a year ago I bought my now 4 year old 3 dresses from a very well known Market in Australia. They were very pretty and I couldn’t wait to see her in them.

One dress was Pink with lace and flowers stitched on the bodice. Another was Green with a floral print bodice. And the last one was cream with a floral Patten and it came in two parts the main dress and an over coat.

It’s the last dress that caused the stir with my daughter. She would always stay clear from it or put it in the bin.

Two months after the purchase my family had a formal get together so I put her into the dress (it was a struggle) and hoped for the best.

The whole night she complained that the dress was hurting her and that the little girl was angry. When we got home I took the dress off of her and she quickly went and put it in the bin yelling that it was a naughty dress.

We still own the dress but for some reason she still won’t go near it.

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