The cooking ghost

when I was a kid my family would sometimes spend the summer at my grandma’s house. My grandma’s house had a flat cement roof. Sometimes me my brother and sisters would sleep on the roof. we would get our blankets and pillows and take up snacks and tell scary stories (ironically). Sometimes we would come down early and go back inside. Some mornings I would wake up on the roof and I was the last one there. We’ll one time I woke up in the middle of the night and I was the only one on the roof. So I get my blanket and pillow and go down the ladder. As I’m going down the ladder I hear my mom and my dad in the kitchen. I see the kitchen light on and hear the cracking of oil in a frying pan. But as I make it down to the ground the kitchen light is off and I hear no one talking. The back door was closed and screen door was locked but the screen was torn so I had to put my hand in and unhook it to open it. I panicked a bit and scratched my arm with the screen. I opened the door and went to the room where my family was and everyone was asleep. Sometime afterwards my older sister had come over and stayed a few days with us at our grandma’s house. I heard her tell my mom that she woke up in the morning very early to the sound and smell of my grandma cooking in the kitchen. Ironically my grandma never cooked anything. She said she heard my grandma call her. So she goes in the kitchen all giddy to go eat some delicious home cooked breakfast my grandma was cooking up to find the kitchen empty and everyone asleep. She said she got goosebumps and ran back to the room and tried to go back to sleep. I actually found this funny because she should of known something was up when she heard my grandma cooking in the kitchen.

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