The Glitch On State Highway 1 In California

So Yesterday was one of the most jaw gawking feeling I’ve experienced in long while but not compared to my brother and my mother.

Some background of everything and one in the story.

– I’m 16 and My brother 17

– My brother and mother were submerged into, I’m just recounting what they saw when I was daydreaming away in the car.

– (Owned 4 hamsters) 2 hamsters, 5 rats, and 3 cats.

– Brother diabetic

– NorCal, ( Bay Area )


These are some things to keep in mind.



The night before this, was one of our special hamster’s that got sick and we decided to carry him around with us in a transportation cage. But yesterday, started out as any day like per-usual. Today my older brother had a diabetic appointment, and we were running late, which isn’t great at all. So with the dying hamster, we went. My mother rescheduled it (5:00 PM) So we decided hey let’s eat out at a buffet, as we had our minds set on food the traffic was still being a dick. Hunger overtook us and we found a Mcdonalds at the next stop, we stopped and ate and then we headed back to the car. Whilst we brought our hamster in and such he wasn’t eating or drinking at all. But we when we were situated back in the car, he was slowly drifting away, we were devastated. Tears, snot and such, my mother then thought let’s go on a drive, ( 6:50 PM ) , We were in Half Moon Bay and as we drove we reached the State Highway 1, now we’ve never driven on this road, but since we live in cali there is many roads we haven’t driven. So this road is on the coast of the state, so it can range all the way down to LA, While we are driving we ( 8:00 PM ) are blastin music and havin a good time, then we landed ourselves in Santa Cruz since we needed to use the restroom and fill our car. My mother is a very spontaneous person and I love that about her, and this was one of her times of being spontaneous. We decided to kick it at the boardwalk and ride a few rides, most people think hey the boardwalk must be pricey over in santa cruz and we know that it is, until the beautiful deal of 1.50 rides past 5pm was a thing during summer until 11:00 pm. So we started getting a couple pts to ride 2 rides, the first being the spooky ride. The haunted castle, but for some reason it broke down. (10:14 PM ), but then we rode another ride and hey it was fine. Since we were bored and the Big Dipper ( roller coaster ) was so freakin long we decided to hop on the water log ride, I sat middle my mother front and my brother back. They both soaked in water, me dry all over and only wet here and there on my hair. ( The reason why I’m stating this is for a reason just keep reading )

So we walk around, dottling in Neptune’s Kingdom and shiz and ya know havin a good time, the place was closing since it already was eleven. So we head back to the car, and drive back home. So we are deciding between state highway 1 or highway 17 ( which if no one knows it’s a very dangerous highway ) So we take State Highway 1, so we drive for a good 30 minutes, I put my earbuds in and just stare out the window ( so me and my family go on drives a lot, scary places all around the bay and outside of it, so this is fine for us. But lil thing about me, I always love cryptozoology and scary shit and the unexplained it intrigues me. But what my mother and brother saw is why I am writing this )

So I’m enjoying my music and sometimes looking down at my phone, and such. I get the feeling to record how dark and desselent it is but then I stop and shrug and think nah, continue looking out the window, now I am usually looking forward or to the windows. So whilst I’m just hazing and lowkey wishing to see something scary, the car swerves to the side and I rip my headphones off because I wasn’t hearing music at the time just thinking and lookin.

I look at them while they are gawking and in a cold sweat, now here are some things about my mother and brother. My brother is a skeptic about a lot of shit in life, but he is a believer if he sees it, my mother is a 50/50 skeptic because she usually loves horror movies and stuff alike it, urban exploring and all sorts of wild things I got another crazy story but that’s for another time, but my mother is sober and clear minded, she hasn’t smoked or nothin. So she looked at my brother and he looked at her. ” What the hell is wrong with you guys! ” I shout at them ” Did you see that?” She asks me in a timid tone, I shake my head and say ” See what the darkness around us?” she sighs and shake her head ( now I’m gonna describe what she told me)

” You know how in Harry Potter the first movie there was a transparent cloak, but think of that but as a wall rippling by like a heatwave but when it moved there was a glitchy feeling to it, it looked what a portal would look like or a glitch in a simulated world or a rip in another dimension, this all occurred at ( 1:00 am ). ” It was all clear and like a transparent plasma shifting like a moving wall, in front of my headlights.” my brother also agrees he saw it, he’s shaking as I didn’t see it and they did. Now me being me, I try in every way to think of any mythology or paranormal thing, it feels so familiar the way she described it, she believed it looked nano but liquid. She was going on how it makes her question this reality we all live in, or is this just something we are placed in or was that alien. Now we drive home, and I’m glued on the road. kinda peeved I didn’t see it, but something strange happened.

So we have 3 cats, 2 males 1 female. The first male which is the oldest and is the father of the youngest male and hubby of the female, and the female is the mother also for the lil boy and wifey of the oldest male. Now the youngest was the runt of the litter she had last summer, and he’s all black and has anxiety issues and such, he has a lot of medical issues with him so we placed him in a crate before we left because he was recently defecating on the counter, and that isn’t good!, so we bought a carrier he can stay in while we are gone, and yes he had food and water in the cage. But when we arrived home the top we flipped over and his food and water was everywhere, ( 2:30 am )

Since he is the size of a 3 month old kitten he doesn’t have the much strength so we are shook but not really until i go into my room and see the 3 Hamsters I have in their cage, I was relieved until I see the two boys are terrified in a corner and the 3rd one which is female is dead. She dropped dead while crapping, she was still warm and no rigamortis yet. She died an hour prior , exactly around when they saw that “thing” at 1 am in the morning. So I’m scared and a bit sad, but scared, The 3 rates that are also in my room look petrified, especially the one rat who hates being touched and always is puffy was skinny and afraid, he allowed me to scoop him up and rock him like a baby. I was so scared and I am still frightened, how and why? Is it when I was wet by the water on the water ride indicated I was not gonna be exposed to whatever that was? And how was it the hamster full and healthy, not sick just dropped dead in a hour. Exactly at 1…

So I am here to ask reddit this,

Has anyone seen something like a wall of plasma, wavy like a heatwave and transparent like the invisible cloak on Harry potter. I know it wasn’t only on the state highway 1, To me I feel I’ve read something so similar like that but can’t put my finger on it, a thing that blends with its surroundings and ripples like a wave of plasma and glitches.


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