The hat man

Okay, so this is my first and potentially only post here. I am not one to believe in the paranormal. For the longest time I dismissed this experience as some form of sleep paralysis and I’m still not sure. Let me just get to the point. One night when I was 13 or 14, somewhere in that range I experienced something really odd and scary. I woke up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason and saw a smokey black shadow of a figure with a hat on. My door was open and I always closed it without fail. Anyway this scared me so I closed my eyes. After a few minutes passed I opened my eyes again, thinking I was just seeing things. When I opened them, he was at the foot of the bed, but off to the side. I closed my eyes again and kept them closed. I felt a heavy pressure on my chest and tried with all my might to turn over. I eventually managed, but it turned out to be a bad idea because I still felt the pressure, but now I was being pushed into my pillow. I was terrified, but eventually managed to fall back asleep. I was already aware of sleep paralysis and that not only do you see things, but that one of the most common symptoms is pressure on the chest so I was absolutely certain that’s what I experienced. It wasnt until one day when I was telling the story to some people at the age of 25 that I started to question it. After I explained what happened I wanted to find a picture to roughly give an idea of what he looked like so I went online. The only distinguishing feature he had was the hat, so I searched “hat man”. I expected pictures of men in hats and I was going to find the closest one and planned on explaining it was like a smokey black outline of the guy. What I found were a bunch of images of nearly identical figures. That’s when my heart dropped and I began to wonder if what I experienced wasn’t just a case of sleep paralysis. Go ahead, search hat man. Not only are all the pictures the same, but there are blogs and help groups about him. I really don’t know what to think. Has anyone else experienced hat man?

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Wendigo or something else?

I think I had a paranormal experience whilst in bed.