The Mysterious White Light

This story happened when I was 22. I’m 23 now, so it’s expected that I remember this to a T, but it creeps me out still to this day.

I’m a night owl an have been since I was about 13 or 14 years old. On this particular night, I stayed up until 3:06 AM. This happened about a year ago, so I’m not sure if I remember shutting off the lights or not, but I always shut off the lights before I got to bed!

I covered myself up with my blanket and laid my head down. Right when I laid my head down, I heard my door open. I looked up and saw that it was open. So I said to myself; “What the f*ck?” That’s when my dog, who’s a king Shepherd/Boarder Collie mix, started growling at my door. I told her to be quiet, but she didn’t stop. So I got up to see what was going on.

There was a bright white light on the other side of the door. It couldn’t have been my stepdad, my mother, or my brother as they were all asleep in their own beds, plus my dog wouldn’t have growled the way she did.

As I got up from my bed, I began to feel dizzy and had blurred vision for a couple of seconds. Once I was able to stand up right, I slowly walked to the door to see what was going on. As I got to the door, I placed my hand on the handle and was about to open it when a sudden fear surged through me. I quickly shut the door and ran back to my bed.

This is when I grabbed my phone and began talking to someone about it in a comment section of a post that was posted. They were pretty shocked about what happened. I remember looking up at one point and the light had disappeared, but there was still some fear left in me. I waited until the fear dissipated to go to sleep. Once the fear had been gone completely, I finally fell asleep.

The next morning, I went to check my notifications to see what the person had said, and it was like the conversation had disappeared. I couldn’t find the conversation anywhere.

Now, I know what you’re all thinking. The light was probably an angel or you were probably on the verge of death or something. You probably even think it was a dream. I even think it might of been a dream, but I’m not entirely sure as it all felt too real.

Please let me know what you think it is as I’m still trying to figure out what the hell happened to me. It still baffles me to this day.

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