The Ravens

I know that there are many schools of thought about ravens and the paranormal. I am of mixed origin, European American and Native American, three identified tribal influences. I am from the American melting pot and a product of my country, and it’s many peoples.

When I was a little girl, there was an escaped pet raven that landed outside the fifth and sixth grade classroom on a phone line, that spoke English. I loved that he came every day. He was a good memory from my childhood.

My native relatives believe that ravens are guardians of people. They carry messages back and forth from the spirit world. They love collecting trinkets and like to play practical jokes. We don’t see them as harmful, rather , like that uncles who plays jokes on you when you are not paying attention.

My Hispanic and Latino friends believe that ravens are messengers of impending death. My ex-husband swore that he did something wrong as a teenager, and that an entire flock of ravens camped out on his front lawn for three days. On the third day, his grandmother told him that he had better go and make reparations to his father for his words and actions, or that he was going to die. I didn’t believe this, but, he did. Ravens. (His grandmother loved to tell this story).

At the time that my son died. I was unaware of the Hispanic legend concerning ravens.

My little boy loved hawks and ravens. Six months or so, before he died, we found a baby raven on the lawn at the next door neighbor’s house. I brought it home, made it a nest in a Tonka truck and fed it several times a day. The mother had rejected it and pushed it back out of the nest when we tried to replace it.

My son named it, “Hawk”.

Hawk was growing and had been there a couple of weeks, when he disappeared. I was off work for the summer, so, I had been monitoring every few hours. I don’t know where he went. I hope he made it. I think my husband tried to put “Hawk” back into the nest. I remember that he said he was going to try. I hope a cat didn’t find him. The garage was closed.

My son, said “Hawk flewed away”. I doubt that. Toddlers.

The month before my son died, we started to see a raven every morning on the telephone wires behind the playground at the school where I worked. Over the course of that month, as we walked from my classroom around to the other side of the campus to the preschool, the number of ravens increased every day.

My son, went from saying, “Hi, Ravens”, or “Hi Hawks”, to “Go way you toopid birds”! He told me they were coming to see him. He yelled, “Go home”

There were more than a hundred birds on those wires the day before my baby died. There were even ravens on the ground. there were no impending storms. There was no strong wind until the next day, when my son died.

The day after he died, there were no more ravens. Ravens weren’t anywhere near the school or the playground for almost two months. By then, I had heard about the superstition. By then I had shared with the pastoral associate the ravens on the playground. She went across the street to look. By then, the ravens knew to leave me alone for awhile. For a long time, I would tell them to go away if I saw one. They did.

Since his death, my son has come a number of times to see me.

But, now, when I have a question or issue that bothers me, he sends a hawk or a raven as a sign that he is listening. I know it sounds crazy. But, it is true.

The other day at the bus stop, a raven came. I was sad and distressed and fighting to stay positive. A raven came. It sat on a pole across the street and it slowly flew over and landed right in front of me. It didn’t leave. We looked at each other. He stayed right next to me until more people came, and, after he stayed on the light pole across the street until my bus arrived.

I knew that he was sending me a sign that the other side was listening and that there were worse events in life than riding the bus eight hours a day. I knew that there was hope and that I was fortunate to have a home and a job, and a bus.

Are there more logical explanations for the raven last week and the ravens at the school? Maybe. But, I know better.

Was it all coincidence? Maybe. Was it paranormal? I am of that mindset. Am I crazy. Oh yes. But, I know.

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