The Spirits In My Cousin’s House

Up until a few months ago, I was always on the line between belief and disbelief when it came to the paranormal. So when I heard about the problems my cousin, we’ll call him John, and his family had a few years ago, I was intrigued.

I would have asked John himself about it, since he got all if not most of the attention from the entities, but it messed him up a little, so I didn’t push him to talk. Instead, I asked my uncle, who told me about how they originally thought that there was only one ghost in the house, who would lurk in the corners of John’s room at night and sometimes hover over him as he slept. In the day, it would mess with objects around the house, mostly in the basement. They described what was happening to a medium over the phone, and immediately after stepping into the house for the first time, she reported that there was not one spirit, but three. Two were men and one was a small child. One of the men was the one in John’s room, while it was the child who messed with the toys in the basement.

The child made sense to me, because I always felt odd in the basement. Not quite as strong as the “you’re not alone” feeling some people get, but more like a small voice in the back of my mind making me lightly aware of a neutral presence. As for the spirit in John’s room, upon entering, the medium told my uncle to take a picture of the bed. The picture of it wasn’t that clear, but it showed an outline of a figure standing at the end of it. John straight up refused to go in there for weeks after, even when the medium gave them charms to place on the doorways and have with them to keep the spirits away. The third spirit didn’t do or let on about himself much, but the medium told them that he had died at the hospital my aunt works at, and followed her home. Which probably explains why all of the spirits were there, as sad as it is.

That’s just the gist of what happened and I’m eager to hear more specific stories from my uncle, as I’ve crossed over to the side of belief. If you guys are interested as well, I’ll post a second part.

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