The Spookiest Series to Binge This Halloween

Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video, make binge watching so easy, don’t they? Here’s our picks from each for the spookiest series to binge this Halloween. (Or anytime you’re craving something scary to lose yourself in.)

Are any of your favorites on the list too? Any that are new to you? Any we’re missing that you’d recommend we check out? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Amazon Video

The following are all currently available via Amazon Prime.

  1. The Kettering Incident – This Australian drama is set in Tasmania. It starts out as a possible murder mystery, but quickly evolves into an atmospheric, engrossing, haunting mystery of a different sort. What lurks in the forests (and skies) of Kettering? Is it of this world or another? It’s not entirely clear, yet, which makes anticipating Season 2’s release more delicious.
  2. The Living and the Dead – This British period drama is a blend of mystery, the supernatural, and horror. It’s akin to The Woman in Black, but better. Much, much better. Everything about it is haunting. From the music (especially “A Lyke Wake Dirge” by Andrew Bird & Matt Berniger), to the setting, to the story line, which is brilliant, as is the acting.
  3. Lore – This is based on a podcast of the same name. It’s called a “horror anthology” but it’s not like a Twilight Zone or something of that nature. Each episode chronicles a different type of real-life horror story and explains its origins. Episodes cover topics like zombie, ghosts, werewolves and haunted dolls. It’s unlike anything else out there, which is really refreshing.  And visually it’s stunning, combining animation with dramatized scenes and narration to create a very subdued but effective storytelling format.

The following picks are both Hulu Originals.

  1. Freakish – An explosion at a chemical plant unleashes a potent smog that transforms a charming town into a zombie-ridden one, trapping students in a high school. Season 2 was recently released in this zombie apocalypse series. It’s no substitute for something like The Walking Dead, nor is it meant to be. It’s geared more to a teenage viewership, but it’s a lot of fun for adults too. Especially if you like anything zombie period. What makes it especially binge-able is that the episodes are less than 30 minutes long.
  2. The House –  This is a horror anthology about a haunted house made of wood from the Tree of Knowledge. It’s “an interdimensional prison of terror that holds hostage to dark spirits, demons, and tragedies.” There are only five episodes so far. Maybe more will be released next Huluween? But if you like what you see and are into VR, you can also step into a Gothic manor-inspired living room in The House VR experience on Gear and Playstation.


Some of the following are Netflix Originals, others are from other networks, but all are engrossing.

  1. Stranger Things – What started out as a sleeper series in 2016 exploded in popularity to become one of Fall 2017’s most anticipated series returns. Season 2 couldn’t have had a more timely release on Halloween weekend.  Will Eleven be reunited with her friends? What did Will bring back with him from the Upside Down? Speaking of the Upside Down, are they done with that entirely or will they have to face it again?  Lovers of 80s horror movies and sci fi can’t help but be hooked by this series.
  2. Penny Dreadful – If you have Showtime, you have access to this series too. But if not, Netflix allows you to experience this series that has all the classic movie horror monsters (Frankenstein, vampires, werewolves), plus characters like Dorian Grey, all interacting together. If you like imagery, it’s also quite the feast for the eyes.
  3. Bates Motel – Norman Bates as a teenager when his mom was alive? Going behind-the-scenes, so to speak, to see how one of the first modern day horror movie “slashers” (in essence, he paved the way for Michael and Jason) got his start? Brilliant concept for a series.
  4. Slasher – If you enjoy slasher movies like the Friday the 13th franchise, Halloween, or even Scream, this series works off of a similar premise. It’s a Chiller TV original series, but Season 2 was recently added to Netflix. (Season 1 is also there, so you can binge them both.)
  5. Mindhunters – This series is fabulous. It’s not exactly true horror, it might even be classified more as mystery/suspense/thriller, but it’s easy to gulp down episode after episode. (Or get swallowed up by them?) It’s not clear if it’s based on a true story, but the premise of seeing how the FBI first started studying serial killers and then added a division dedicated to them is fascinating. It also blends the stories of real-life serial killers into the mix, which creates some horrifying scenes and premises.

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