Thoughts on this Audio from Security Camera Footage in my Friend’s Flat?

Before you listen to the audio, here is the context. My friend sent me a short video of his security camera turning on and capturing footage in the middle of the night when no one was home. I decided to just post the audio for privacy, and the video doesn’t really show much other than a dark room. The audio is the important part.

Listening to the audio, you’ll hear what sounds to me like a click-bang-bang twice. The first time seems to be loud and close, whereas the second seems to be further away (the stairs to the basement are further down the corridor). Sounds to me like a closet or cupboard door clicking open and then slamming twice. I’m assuming it happened another time before the audio started, which triggered the camera to turn on.

My friend got someone to check on the flat the day after and nothing was out of the ordinary (no burglary or fallen objects). He asked his landlord if it could be pipes, but she said no.

I went through various possible options for what the noise could be. However, none of those options account for the noises being in clearly opposite sides of the flat.

Anyways, here’s the audio. Thoughts? My friend does believe in paranormal stuff, but I don’t as much personally.

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