Trailer that I’ll never forget.

When I was 11yrs old my family had moved into a trailer house in a very small town in the country. I was able to skip moving everything and went out of state with my Aunt. The trailer was a little small but still capable to fit a family of 5. My room was on one side of the trailer while my brothers and parents room was on the other. At 11yrs old I thought it was great and became excited to live there.

The first night in the trailer was spent with my best friend at the time. She came over and helped me unpack and set up my room. In my room there is two windows, one facing towards the road and one facing a creek on the side of the property. The window facing the creek was right by my bed. The room was really small so there was only one spot the bed would fit. As we’re getting close to being done for the day we realized that it’s actually night and pouring outside. We ended there and decided to get ready for bed and put a movie on. While watching the movie I couldn’t help but feel as though someone was watching us. I tried keeping my attention on the tv but my attention was stuck on the window facing the creek. Everytime I looked no one was there and plus it was pouring pretty hard that night so I shrugged it off to me being paranoid.

During the summer the trailer was really hot, we only had a swamp cooler that didn’t work very well. Surprisingly my room was always cold and just about everyone commented on it. I thought it had to do with placment of my room but I couldn’t find sense in the fact that it would be cold right until you hit the doorway. No one else thought more of it and said I was lucky and we’d laugh it off.

In October I had my friend and cousin stay the night with me due to my bday being tomorrow. We all fell asleep in the front room watching tv, my cousin was on one couch while me and my friend shared the other. I want to say around 2am I randomly woke up and noticed that the tv was now playing commercial tv. I changed the channel to something I enjoy to help me fall asleep. The room had a weird vibe like something was off, I looked around and everything looked normal. As I’m about to relax my friend woke up, she looked very confused and wide eyed and started asking me random questions.
“Where’s Sam? (My cousin)” I then pointed to the couch but she continued to stare at me and replied with “ohh”.
“Where’s my Ds?” I knew that it was, in my room, but all that could come out was “I don’t know.”
As soon as I responded her head dropped and she was asleep once again. This gave me goosebumps and I began to feel very uneasy. I layed my head down and tried making myself fall asleep. About 10 minutes later my friend wakes up and calls my name. I didn’t respond, she sits up and shakes my leg asking if I’m okay. I guess I was shaking and woke her up. I then looked at her and she looked like her normal self. I asked her why she wanted to know where her Ds was. She had no clue what I was talking about. I told her about what happened and she didn’t believe me since she couldn’t remember it happening. After a bit of talking we decided to drop it and go back to sleep, which was really hard for me.

Through out the whole time living there I continued to have issues with the feeling of someone watching me through my window. So I put up a curtain to help me sleep better at night. On this paticular night my curtian wasn’t on my window for the first time in months. I got a lamp from my grandma that didn’t have a switch and had to be unplugged to turn off. I stayed up late that night reading a book using the lamp I got. Once I started getting tired I decided to go to bed and had to get up to unplug the lamp. The lamp was unplugged and I was climbing into bed when my eyes wondered to the window, someone was there. I saw a face in the window and I quickly got underneath the blankets and covered my face. I was able to get myself to look at the window again telling myself that it was just my imagination going crazy. When I looked at the window the face was now closer towards the window, he was looking right at me. We made eye contact and I knew that it wasn’t my imagination and what I was seeing was actually there. I have never been so terrified, I grabbed my blanket to sleep on the couch. It took me awhile to fall asleep. The next day I went outside to look for possible footsteps cause there was mud around my window but didn’t see anything. I also realized that my window is about 6 1/2 feet above the ground.

A few days later I was with my friend and I told her what happened. She told me that she never had a good feeling about that window. That from the first night she felt as though someone was watching us. I never found out more but believe there is something at that trailer. Especially after talking to my younger brother (years after living in the trailer) that swears on his life that one night he saw a little boy and girl in the hallway looking at him. I’m now 19 and my memories of it are still as fresh as if it happened yesterday.

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