5 Communication Tips for The Common Necromancer

Necromancy is the magical practice of contacting the dead, usually seeking answers to the future. This can be done either through summoning entities spiritually, or even going as far as raising one from the dead — though the latter seems a little less likely, not to mention maybe a little inconvenient.

Seeking answers for the future can include anything you want, as apparently the land of the dead is not restrained by the same shackles of time as the world of the living — so what would you ask? I think most people might want to know about their love lives, about their career paths, or about what risks to take in the stock market — but at this point in my life, personally, I’d probably ask something stupid like “hey, what’s the weather going to be like in a few years on my birthday? I have big plans.” (Or, at least, I’d like to — depending on the weather.)

How would you or I go about contacting these omnipotent entities, then? Luckily, there are dozens, maybe hundreds of different ways, and all of them can be performed in the safety of your own home — though I don’t really recommend it. Remember, abstinence is the best form of birth control. Or, in this case, abstinence is the best form of not inviting evil spirits into your living room.


1. Ouija Boards

Ouija boards have always had a sort of mystical air about them, because the general consensus seems to be that they’re these haunting tools for communicating with the Devil and his minions — but the truth is, Ouija boards as we know them weren’t invented until 1890, in Baltimore, Maryland. In modern years, they don’t carry as much weight in terms of spirit contact, at least in more legitimate occult communities.

Their main popularity came from the fact that the Civil War had just ended, and spiritual mediums were cashing in on all of the deaths, advertising to those who’d lost family members in the war and offering a way to contact them. Kind of messed up — but in some ways, I’m sure it offered peace of mind to those who’d lost loved ones, so I guess I can let this one pass.


2. Table Tipping

I’m mentioned table tipping before, in my article about 20th century séances. The goal is, while all participants sit around the table with hands flat on its surface, eventually through the power of the spirits the table will rattle or move in one way or another. As such, as the table is doing its thing, participates should be able to ask questions and receive responses either through the tilt of the table or subsequent rappings around them.

According to PrairieGhosts.com, “Many of the members of the circles quickly began to realize that what was causing the planchettes of Ouija boards to move, tables to tip and mysterious rappings sounds to be heard was not the work of ghosts, but rather the collective work of the human mind. The energy created by gathered a group of people together who were intent on a single purpose could produce some amazing results.”

So when considering how much combined energy, focus, and cooperation it takes to perform a successful table tilt, then, it’s like — move over, sports being lauded for their teamwork, or whatever, table tipping takes the dedication of way more spiritual energy and committed strangers than simply kicking a ball around. Where are my “10 Inspiring Examples of Table-Tipping” articles at?


3. Spirit Writing

Spirit writing, is said the be the earliest form of the Ouija board, and has been performed since as early as 1100 AD in China. Though at the time it was referred to as Fuji, it was done by utilizing a planchette, as you would with a Ouija board, and allowing the spirits to write their messages in ink, sand, dirt, etc.

A similar practice was performed commonly by mediums during the Spiritualism boom in the 18th and 19th centuries, but a pen or pencil might have been used instead. I usually think of that scene in The Sixth Sense where Cole is taking part in what’s referred to as “free-writing,” resulting in 12 year old me trying to do the same thing (it didn’t work).

But, rather than focusing on things like this, why aren’t more people taking advantage of free-writing to do better on the essay portion of tests? I mean, if spirits aren’t restrained by time and are all-knowing omnipotent beings as necromancy suggests, why aren’t more high school students taking advantage of that? It’s not like they could be accused of cheating — how would it be proven?


4. Scrying/Crystal Ball Gazing

Ah yes, the crystal ball, probably one of the most stereotypical objects you find in the equally stereotypical witch’s psychomanteum. Reflective surfaces are said to be portals into the spirit world, hence the glass orb you often find mediums and fortune-tellers floating their hands over in every depiction, ever. It’s also why I think mirrors are so innately unsettling, but maybe that’s just me? I mean, mirrors can be used the same way crystal balls can, because of their reflective surface. Apparently my fear isn’t too far-fetched.

According to Crystal-Cure.net, “…the images seen with a crystal ball aren’t the foretelling of future events, but rather images from deep within one’s subconscious mind, and the crystal ball is the door through which these subconscious thoughts can be accessed. When using a crystal ball, a trance-like state is induced that dissociates one’s consciousness, enabling information from the subconscious to pass through the mind’s eye.”

Therefore, it isn’t actually the crystal ball that shows the future, it’s simply a proxy for allowing the viewer to do it themselves. Rather than producing images on its own, it simply allows passage into the spirit realm that otherwise a person might not have been able to do on their own.

That also means, anyone could be capable of utilizing a crystal ball for future insights or spirit-world contact, so long as they have the right mindset and practice. It almost makes me want to go out and buy one, so I can really know about the weather on my future birthday.


5. Black Mirror Gazing

Remember how I mentioned mirrors are strangely haunting just on their own? Well, if you didn’t agree with me then, I imagine you might change your mind.

Black mirror gazing is another method of scrying, and consists of painting a mirror black and utilizing it as you would a crystal ball, gazing into the darkness until you enter a trance-like state. In this state, it’s easier to tap into your subconscious, and then the spirit world, in order to make contact with the other world.

Greg Newkirk over at WeekInWeird.com talks about his experience with a similar mirror, exploring its power through a woman they refer to as “Sarah,” and her mother who became obsessed with a black mirror. He recalls:

“When Sarah asked her mother why she’d been keeping the mirror covered and locked away, she broke down in tears and replied that it was simply “evil”. Sarah kept the mirror wrapped in its cloth, stuffed it in a box, and took it home with her.”

In another instance involving a black mirror, he talks about a woman’s experience while at a paranormal convention:

“She only gazed into the glinting black glass for about thirty seconds before her expression changed from incredulity to horror.  She quickly slammed the frame face down on the table, her eyes wide with shock.

‘So, what did you just see?’ I nervously inquired.

‘I saw my own decomposing corpse looking back at me,” she stammered. “That’s a dark mirror. I should not have done that. I need to go say a prayer. Excuse me.’”

So the next time you’re searching flea markets and yard sales for potentially haunted objects, wanting to spice up your home life, maybe reconsider.

Do you own any similar objects? Do you have any experiences with similar encounters? Let us know in the comments!

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